Vermilion Sword


Welcome to Version 2.7 of Honkai Impact 3: [Vermilion Sword]!

Chapter 9 of the storyline is now unlocked, the final war is about to break! Himeko's S-Rank awakened battlesuit [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse], Rita’s A-Rank battlesuit [Umbral Rose] and Kallen’s A-Rank battlesuit [Sündenjäger] has joined the fight!
Explore the misty new area of Schicksal HQ, [Helheim]. On the journey for tomorrow, we will fight side by side, in Darkness or Light.


1. New battlesuits and characters: [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] (Himeko), [Umbral Rose] (Rita Rossweisse) and [Sündenjäger](Kallen Kaslana).

◆Himeko’s S-Rank battlesuit [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] : awakened battlesuit of [Scarlet Fusion], MECH-type Valkyrie. Specialized in combining physical and fire DMG. Extremely flexible, with high ATK rate.
◆Rita’s A-Rank battlesuit [Umbral Rose]: the first battlesuit for the new character Rita, PSY-type Valkyrie specialized in Melee Physical ATK. Uses new weapon type: Scythe. Cast Ultimate to attack enemies with mutiple slashes.
◆Kallen’s A-Rank battlesuit [Sündenjäger]: awakened battlesuit of [Valkyrie Ranger], MECH-type Valkyrie. Specialized in ranged pistol ATK. Capable of causing constant DMG and self-healing. Her evasion and shuttling creates a favorable situation in the battle.

※Captains can acquire and unlock the new Valkyries in the following ways:
◆[Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] and [Umbral Rose] will be available in Expansion Supply on December 12, 12:00(GMT+8). Please refer to corresponding announcement for details.
◆[Sündenjäger] will be available in Expansion Supply from January 4, 12:00 to January 16, 12:00(GMT+8). Please refer to corresponding announcement for details.
◆[Umbral Rose] Fragments can be acquired by completing certain Story Chapter stages. In Version 2.7, you can also get [Umbral Rose] Fragments by completing missions and playing Helheim Hunt. Please refer to further announcements for details.
◆[Sündenjäger] Fragments can be acquired by completing event missions and certain Story Chapter stages after the launch of Expansion Supply. Please refer to further announcements for details.

2. Story Chapter 9 Unlocked: Journey for Tomorrow

◆The awakened Herrscher is but the eye of the storm that this monster had created.Shattered storm obscured the sky, swallowing all on the ground. As dusk approaches, the final war begins.
◆ Story Chapter 9 has 21 Stage and 3 Difficulties:
Stage 9-6~9-5--Unlock after the Version 2.7 update;
Stage 9-6~9-9--Unlock on December 18 at 04:00(GMT+8);
Stage 9-10~9-18--Unlock on December 25 at 04:00(GMT+8);
Stage 9-19~9-21--Unlock on January 1 at 04:00(GMT+8).

3. Open World Schicksal HQ New Area: Helheim

◆Open world Schicksal HQ new area [Helheim] available in limited time. Play brand new stage “Helheim Hunt” to get rich rewards~
◆After 12:00, December 12, Captains who have reached Lv.35 can enter the new area [Helheim]. Please refer to further announcements for more coming events.

4. Brand New Difficult Challenge--Aesir Files

◆Brand new highly-difficult challenge: Aesir Files Launched! All personnel, be ready for combat. Use the new stage mechanism to gain victory!
◆Captains can access Aesir Files after reaching Captain Lv.65 and completing Story Chapter 9-1 Normal. Captains are given 1 challenge attempt per day. Attempts are reset daily at 04:00(GMT+8).
◆Aesir Files will be permanentely opened. The original Herrscher Files will not be closed.

5. Updated Equipment in Hyperion’s Arsenal

◆New weapon: [Godslayer: Surtr] [Aphrodite] [Blooded Saints ] etc.
◆New Stigmata: [Wilde], [Thales], [Zorro] etc.
Some new equipment can be obtained through exchange, while other new equipment will be obtained in Supply crates and events.

Game Adjustments and Optimizations:


*Specs shown are Lv.80 data
◆ Blood Rose:
1)Ultimate [Blood Order]:  Fire DMG of the 4th slash has been adjusted from 140% to 180%.
2) [Burning Blood]: Fire DMG has been adjusted from 140% to 160%.
3) [Flame Explosion]: Fire DMG has been adjusted from 80% to 100%.

◆ Battle Storm:
1) Second-stage Charged ATK DMG: 580%+730% ATK of physical DMG has been adjusted to 700%+900% ATK of physical DMG.
2) Ultimate [Tornado Storm]: 7*80% ATK of physical DMG to nearby enemies has been adjusted to 7*120% ATK of physical DMG.

◆ Valkyrie Triumph:
1) 1st hit of charged attack: 160%+275% ATK of physical DMG has been adjusted to 200%+300% ATK of physical DMG.
2) 2nd hit of charged attack: 200%+325% ATK of physical DMG has been adjusted too 250%+400% ATK of physical DMG.
3) 3rd hit of charged attack: 280%+440% ATK of physical DMG has been adjusted too 320%+440% ATK of physical DMG.

◆Herrscher of the Void:
Reduced stuttering during Ultimate

◆ Phoenix:
Corrected the order of Prajna and Firebrand DMG level

◆Some Theresa Battlesuits
Fixed wrong position of Cross in Theresa’s moves.

◆ Celestial Hymn, Sakuno Rondo:
Fixed wrong position of Skill Tab “Charged Attack”. The “Charged Attack” label can now be found in “Special Attack” instead of “Basic Attack”.

◆Valkyrie Chariot:
Corrected description of Skill [Quantum Lock] according to actual effects.


◆Wotan's Fists: You can use the non-event-limited materials to upgrade this weapon now.


◆Memorial Arena:
1) A “Restart” button has been added to the Pause screen.
2) You can now check out other Captains’ lineup in “Boss Challenge Rankings”.
3) Skill descriptions of Boss Kallen and Benares are more accurate.

◆Open World: Schicksal HQ:
1) Rewards preview of different difficulty has been added to the Mecha Defense Rewards Preview. Mecha Defense will be more difficult as Tech Lv. rises, but the rewards will be greater as well.
2) Mecha Defense Instruction has been added to the stage entrance. You’ll now be reminded of the weekly Challenges you did not participate in.

◆Reminders of certain stages (such as Infinity Abyss, Exorcism in Open World and Memorial Arena) has been added. Reminders will appear on the Bridge when the stages are available.
Note: Captains can open or close the reminder at "Settings-Push-Reminder for new missions".


1) In Version 2.7, Matrix Exploration will enter “3X Fuel Consumption” mode, which means both cost of Armada Fuel and the drops you'll received in Matrix Exploration will be tripled.
2) Contribution Rankings has a more intuitive interface to better show Member Contributions.


1) You can exchange certain S-Rank fragments for [Dimensional Break], [Black Nucleus] and [Phoenix] using [Pure Witch Orb] in Witch's Corridor.
2) Weapon [Azure Storm], [Lightning Soul], stigmata [Roald Amundsen Set], [Elizabeth Bathory (M)] are now available in Exchange Shop.
3) Stigmata [Tesla Band Set] and [Michelangelo Set] are available in Exchange House.
4) The Monthly Card rules in Version 2.6 will be carried on in Version 2.7. You’ll be noticed in advance should the rules be altered.

1) You can now select Dorm at the Base screen.
2) Move In Missions available for more characters, including Herrscher of the Void, Night Squire, Kriegsmesser, Luna Kindred and Sixth Serenade. Corresponding interactions and events has been added.

======Bridge Interactions======

◆Interaction movements and voices of Fu Hua, [Luna Kindred] and [Arctic Kriegsmesser] unlocked.


1) Mem system is now available.

◆Captain's Info Screen:
1) You can now tap a nickname on Message Board to see the Captain’s Info.
2)  In Version 2.7, Captain’s Info Screen will also show: 1. Battle Scores in Infinity Abyss and Memorial Arena; 2. Collections.
3) Display of Battle Scores/collections/Message Board can be opened/closed by tapping “Display Settings” on the bottom right. Tap “Display Preview” to preview your Captain's Info Screen.
4) Optimized avatar display in some screens. Avatars is now shown with a round border as in Channels.

◆Valkyrie Display Screen Revision:
1) Soul awakened characters and the original characters will be displayed separately now. Tap the avatar next to the Costume button to switch between the two characters.
2) You can now put frequently used battlesuits at the top by tapping the new “Favorite” button.
3) You can now view battlesuits by categories of Types and Characters.
4) “Details” in the Battlesuit Stats screen will show Base and Emblem bonus on Character Stats.

◆Collection/Achievement System:
1) Optimized the collections/achievements display screen. Collections/achievements can now be viewed in categories.
2) You can now switch between stigmata of different positions in the same set by tapping a button on the stigmata screen.
Note: In the original collection system, each status of an equipment (initial, upgraded, fully upgraded) has a position in the Gallery. In Version 2.7, an equipment will only take one position in the Gallery. [Number/Progress of Collections] remains the same as in former versions. Collection display and progress calculation will be further optimized in future versions.

Entrance of Collections, Achievements and Mails has been added to the Cellphone on the Bridge. The Cellphone icon will show mail-alerts now.
Note: In Version 2.7, the “Settings” button has been moved from the Bridge to the Cellphone. Tap the gear icon on the bottom of the Cellphone to access the setting screen.

◆Optimized Quick Claim. In Version 2.7, if your number of Planeroid Tokens has reached limit, you can tap “Quick Claim” to claim all other items below limit.
◆Since bundles have been revised, limited bundles currently available will reset number of purchase after the Version 2.7 update. Please note that you can only possess one of each Costume, and the second purchase will be converted to Coins.