Expansion Equipment Supply


Expansion Equipment Supply confirmed for [Vermilion Knight] and [Umbral Rose]!

December 12,12:00,2018 ~ January 2, 2019, 11:59(GMT+8)

======Expansion Equipment Supply Contents======
1) The featured items in each round of Expansion Equipment Supply will be 1 weapon and 3 stigmata which are recommended for the featured Valkyries in Expansion Supply for that period. Each Supply Crate costs 1 Expansion Supply Card or 280 Crystals.
2) Captains are guaranteed to get the UP equipment featured for the Expansion Equipment Supply period that they have yet to receive within 50 consecutive drops;
In other words, for the Expansion Equipment Supply, Captain is guaranteed to get all featured UP equipment (1 weapon and 3 stigmata) within 200 supply drops.
3) Captains can enjoy this guarantee only once during each period of Expansion Equipment Supply.

======Expansion Equipment Supply Rules======
1) Captains can check UP equipment they have currently received in the Expansion Equipment Supply screen. (Received equipment will be marked as "√") This function is only available in Expansion Equipment Supply.

2) After the version update, the Expansion Equipment Supply and the Expansion Supply for [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] will be simultaneously available for two weeks. The UP items in Expansion Equipment Supply will be the same as those in the Focused Supply A of that period with different drop rates. Captains can refer to the table below for details: