Text changes in the game


To provide a better gaming experience for Captains, HQ has been working on translation optimization and UI compatibility since Version 2.6. These changes include Type names, equipment names, enemy names and skill descriptions, among others.

Translation adjustments after the version update include:

Honkai Beast        >>>        Raging Beast
Spider Queen Mecha        >>>        Arachnid
Thunder Rider         >>>        Lightning
Sorcerer Mecha        >>>        Wizard
Magstorm Mecha|Storm Mecha        >>>        Storm
Aesir        >>>        Padrino
Productive Padrino        >>>        Padrino MFG
Creature Killer - Padrino|Aesir BIO-X        >>>        Padrino BIO-X
Toxic Spider Mecha|Widowmaker Mecha        >>>        Spider
Fury's Heavy Cannon|Fury Cannon        >>>        Fury Belcher
Central Station        >>>        Orbital Station
Creature-type        >>>        BIO-type
Tenkyu City         >>>      Arc City
Super Mecha Evoji Omega        >>>        Asleikr Ybogi Ω
Super Mecha       >>>        Asleikr

Besides, some translation adjustments were announced in the previous version update, Captains can click the link below to check it out:


Translation optimization is a daunting task and we'll keep updating the texts in the subsequent versions. Ai-chan will post a comparison table (original translation versus the new translation) whenever there's a major translation adjustment. Ai-chan hereby apologizes to every Captain for the inconvenience caused by this issue! Thank you for your understanding and support, Captains!