Arc Stalker


Welcome to Version 2.8 of Honkai Impact 3: [Arc Stalker]!

On the snowy winter night, as the bell stroke, an adventure to another world begins! Rita's A-rank battlesuit [Stalker: Phantom Iron] deployed!
Infinity Abyss all-new game mode [Dirac Sea] unlocked. In the depth and vastness of the Sea, hide conquerors' footprints and surging waves. Captain, are you up for the challenge?


1. New battlesuit: [Stalker: Phantom Iron]
◆Rita's A-rank battlesuit [Stalker: Phantom Iron]: the second battlesuit for Rita, MECH-type battlesuit. Unleash Charged attack to enter Supercharged state. Under Supercharged state, Basic Attack deals Lightning DMG. Its Ultimate unleashes a Mecha hound named [Stalker Carbon]. Stalker Carbon uses multiple skills to impair and attack enemies in combat.
※Captains can acquire and unlock the new Valkyrie in the following methods:
◆[Stalker: Phantom Iron] will be available in Expansion Supply from January 23, 12:00 to February 6, 12:00(GMT+8). Please refer to corresponding announcement for details.
◆[Stalker: Phantom Iron] Fragments can be acquired by completing certain Story Chapter stages. In Version 2.8, you can also get [Stalker: Phantom Iron] Fragments by completing missions and playing in Winter Events. Please refer to further announcements for details.

2.Chapter IX-EX Open for Challenge
Story Chapter IX-EX [Arc Stalker]: Open for Limited-time challenge! After the January 22 update ~ 4 a.m., January 29, GMT+8, Lv.30 or higher Captains can try Chapter IX-EX stages on Normal regardless of Story stage completion progress. Clear Chapter IX-EX stages and complete certain missions to get: Crystals, [Stalker: Phantom Iron] fragments and other rewards.

3. Infinity Abyss's all-new game mode: Dirac Sea
Welcome to the mysterious Dirac Sea. Infinity Abyss's all-new mode unlocked! Captain, defeat enemies in the open map, and seize the symbol of bravery!
◆After January 25, 10:00(GMT+8), tutorial stage will be available to Captains at and above Lv.25. In Version 2.8, Captains in both Promotion and Retention zones in Dirac Sea will get 30 extra Crystals.  Please refer to further announcements for more coming events.
◆In your first challenge in Dirac Sea, you will be in the same zone as that of your last round of Infinity Abyss.

4. Winter Fairytale Trek: Winter Rhapsody
As the bell in fairy world strikes, what secret hides in the snowy night?
“The dessert house bunny with her blade, the Cheshire Cat played the Rogue again...” Such is the chantlike Outworldly Challenge.
Starting journey in a new world, tonight!

5. New Outfits
◆ New outfits available: Shadow Dash's [Hind of Noel], Raiden Mei's [Eventide Phantom], Violet Executer's [Wonderland Trek], Umbral Rose's [Dame de Cœur] and Herrscher of the Void's [Frigid Empress].

6. Updated Equipment in Hyperion's Arsenal
◆New weapon: [Genome Reaper], [Moment of Truth], [Onyx Iron]
◆New stigmata: [Caravaggio]
Some new equipment can be obtained through exchange, while other new equipment will be obtained in Supply crates and events.

Game Adjustments and Optimizations

*Specs shown are Lv.80 data
◆Vermilion Knight: Eclipse:
1) Added Sprint Attack. Increased Ignore Interrupt after triggering [Shadow of Muspell], preventing the character from being interrupted by Templar Honkai Beast's shield reflect.
2) Optimized handling of Basic Attack and Ultimate's 1st sequence.
3) Optimized character's facial expression in the Victory screen.
4) Certain skill descriptions are more accurate now.

◆Herrscher of the Void:
1) Fixed the glitch in story stage 2-13 where the game stuck after consecutive evasions.
2) Fixed the glitch where the character's dress disappears after pausing the game during Ultimate.
3) Fixed the display bug of certain weapons (including [Alberich's Bows]) in Basic Attack after unleashing Weapon Skills.

◆ Wolf's Dawn:
1) Skill [EM Counter]: Slamming the ground will deal 8000 set DMG to enemy shields per strike.
2) Optimized fluidity between evasion, Ultimate and other movements.
3) Optimized the scene and visual display during Ultimate.

◆ All Yae Sakura Characters:
Optimized handling of evasion. Optimized fluidity between the 1st evasion and the 2nd evasion or Ultimate.

◆ Flame Sakitama:
Fixed Combo Follow-up Attack bugs. Fixed display lag of the Vulnerability effect.

◆ Gyakushinn Miko
Skill [San-Ge Brand]: Each strike of the 5-hit basic attack gains 20% Total DMG Multiplier.

◆ Umbral Rose:
1) Fixed glitches during evasion or weapon skills. Weapon skills can be used normally now.
2) Fixed the glitch where Umbral Rose cannot unleash Charged ATK after reviving.

◆ Luna Kindred:
Skill [Soul Drinker]: The skill can also be triggered against enemies that aren't bleeding when the character's Sanguine Mark is less than 50.

◆ Sakuno Rondo:
Skill [Engraved Mark]: When Combo Hit Count exceeds 30, gain 20% Total DMG Multiplier.

◆ Violet Executor:
Skill [Execute Mode]: Gain immunity against common debuffs during the skill.

◆ All Theresa, Fu Hua, Bronya and Herrscher of the Void Characters:
Fixed wrong position of outfits in Dressing Room.

◆ In former versions, for some Valkyries, evasion during Ultimate will abnormally cancel the Ultimate, causing the game to freeze.
In Version 2.8, temporary adjustments have been made: evasion cannot be used in the first 0.5s during Ultimate (This adjustment is made only in Version 2.8).
Adjustments have been made to the following Valkyries: White Comet, Valkyrie Ranger, Divine Prayer, Knight Moonbeam, Valkyrie Bladestrike, Lightning Empress, Valkyrie Chariot, Snowy Sniper, Goushinnso Memento, Gyakushinn Miko, Scarlet Fusion, Valkyrie Pledge, Sakuno Rondo, Luna Kindred, Celestial Hymn, Violet Executer.

◆ Cleaver of Shamash: Fixed display error in Album.
◆ Kukuria: Corrected the description of 2-piece set bonus [Charging Shield]. New description: “Receives a shield when summoned units are attacked”.
◆ Wilde: Fixed glitch where the 2-piece set bonus [Broken Lead Heart] is not effective in Co-op stages.
◆ Nagamitsu: Optimized visual display of Field to make it more obvious.

◆ Aesir Heimdall:
1) Fixed the lag of full-shieldbreak feedback.
2) Animation of Sprint Attack in Overdrive mode prolonged.
◆ Fixed the glitch where in Memorial Arena Boss [Assaka]'s skill [Lightning's Calling], sometimes the Bolts of Lightning does not deal DMG.
◆ Fixed glitch where Memorial Arena Boss [Fu Hua] disappears.

◆ Co-op Raid:
1) Adjusted the Matchmaking system for a single Raid stage. Now matchmaking will be made according to the progress of Captains and of the teams.
2) Requirement for claiming Time Sync rewards has been adjusted from “achieve certain Objectives” to “complete all Raid stages”.
3) [Time Base] is available once again. Accessing the stage now consumes Stamina instead of [Time Structures]. [Time Base] stages will rotate every day in a week. [Time Base] stages can be attempted for a limited number of times per day.

◆ Added Team List. Captain can create or join a team according to your needs, and find the right team members quickly and accurately.
◆ Added notification of Matchmaking completion. Captain can switch on/off the notification at Settings-Others.

◆ Co-op Team Stages:
All Coins, Characters and Equipment Training Co-op stages have been combined into 1 stage respectively. The difficulty and drops of the stages will change according to Captain's Level. Drop List:
1) Coin Training Co-op stage:
[Lv. 1~45] After completing stages of corresponding difficulty, Captain will get the same drops as in the original basic stages.
[Lv. 46~80] After completing the challenge, Captain will get the same drops as in the original advanced stages.
2) Character Training Co-op stages:
[Lv. 1~45] After completing stages of corresponding difficulty, Captain will get the same drops as in the original basic stages.
[Lv. 46~69] After completing the challenge, Captain will get the same drops as in the original advanced stages.
[Lv. 70~80] After completing the challenge, Captain will get drops possibly including each type of Super Chips x4 and United Tokens x50.
3) Equipment Training Co-op stages:
[Lv. 1~45] After completing stages of corresponding difficulty, Captain will get the same drops as in the original basic stages.
[Lv. 46~69] After completing the challenge, Captain will get the same drops as in the original advanced stages.
[Lv. 70~80] After completing the challenge, Captain will get drops possibly including Twin Soul Crystal x6, Ether Crystal x6 and United Tokens x50.

◆ Time Swirl:
1) Added new stage [Rainforest].
2) Weapon [Pledge of Rain] and stigmata [Ekaterina] are available for Crafting.
◆ Chronicles: Optimized display of Chronicles rewards.
◆ Matrix: “3X Fuel Consumption” mode is no longer valid.

◆ Witch's Corridor:
1) A-rank Valkyrie [Night Squire] fragments and [Luna Kindred] fragments available for exchange.
2) You can change certain S-Rank fragments for [Knight Moonbeam], [Celestial Hymn] and [Goushinnso Memento] using [Pure Witch Orb] in Witch's Corridor.
◆ Memory Shop: Added an option to exchange [Onyx Iron].
◆ Exchange Shop: Added an option to exchange [Carmine Steel].
◆ Dorm Shop: Optimized display mechanism of [Construction Permit]. [Construction Permit] will only be displayed when [Summer Beach House] is still locked.

1) Standard Supply: remaining number of drops for the S-rank Valkyrie guarantee for the first 33 Standard Supply drops will be displayed (similarly to Expansion Supply).
2) Optimized display method of Standard Supply-Supply Details.

======Dorm ======
1) Added quick completion for training. Captain can tap a button to claim all training rewards.
2) New Move In Procedures added: Vermilion Knight: Eclipse, Sündenjäger, Umbral Rose, Stalker: Phantom Iron, Victoria and Picasso. Corresponding interactions and events has been added.
*Note: the Voices of [Umbral Rose] and [Stalker: Phantom Iron] in Dorm may be available in Version 2.9.
3) New [XMas Cottage] Furniture available. Captain can research and craft furniture with [Honkai Blocks] and [Common Coins].
4) Added entrance of [Ai-chan's Room] in the Dorm Menu.
5) Optimized Stamina Claim in Dorm.

◆ Channels:
1) Optimized Channel’s display in main screen.
2) Optimized functions and display of private channel. Captain can tap the lower-left “Add” button to start a private chat with friends or recent team members.

◆ Collections/Achievements System:
1) Added Collector Reward. Captain can claim corresponding rewards when reaches the required Collection Score.
2) Formal Rules for Collection Score has been updated. Tap the exclamation mark next to the upper-right [Overview] button in Collection screen to view detailed info.
3) Fixed the glitch where the corresponding achievement is not yet completed after Captain has unlocked a new Valkyrie.

◆ Valkyries’s Max SP has been increased to 3000 points.
◆ Added Quick Claim for Expedition and Base Adventure rewards.
◆ Optimized the display of the left-side menu in main screen.
◆ Added optimized operation mode for special cellphone models: buttons will be closer to the edge of screen in this mode. Captain can switch on/off the mode at: Settings-Others. (Only available to specific models)

======Bridge Interactions======
◆ Interaction movements and voices of Rita and Kallen unlocked.
◆ Added “Photo Shoot” function to Bridge Interactions. Tap the chat bubble-[Camera] to access “Photo Shoot” mode.

======Hack Report======
1) A “Cheating” Option has been added to Report-Reason for the report. Captain can report cheating behaviors in: Memorial Arena, Infinity Abyss, Dirac Sea, Co-op battle, Speedrun Challenge and other events.
2) Added a “Report” button at the lower-right corner in Memorial Arena and Infinity Abyss screen.
*Note: You can only report the same Captain once in every 30 minutes.
3) Upgraded anti-cheat detection mechanism.

BUG Fixes/Optimizations
◆ Report error after tapping outfit icons in the Collection System-Outfit screen .
◆ In Matrix, quiting the stage immediately after entering the stage will cause the characters to lose all Skill buffs.
◆ In Matrix, for a number of characters, the Weapon Skill button will overlap with the Skill Card button after unleashing Ultimate.
◆ A number of 5-star weapons do not display full visual effect in stages’ Finalization screen.
◆ Bug of the notification bubble in the Returning Benefits screen.
◆ Captain’s avatar in Captain Info screen and Channel will now display outfit of the Valkyrie.
◆ Optimized gameplay experience on iPad.
◆ Optimized image of Umbral Rose’s arm on iOS server.
◆ Optimized the downloading issue of some resources. Captains can choose to either download all assets (including CG, sound and patch) or only download the patch.
◆ Optimized camera function on the Bridge: Tap the speech bubble next to the Valkyrie → Tap the camera icon