Spring Flurry


Welcome to V2.9 of [Honkai Impact 3]: [Spring Flurry]!

Spring is drawing closer. The Spring Feast on Hyperion is all set! Enhancement on [Valkyrie Bladestrike] is completed. At your service!
Under a cold moon, the frigid goddess freezes all evil in evernight. Rita's S-rank battlesuit: [Argent Knight: Artemis] ready for battle!

Update Details:

1. Spring Festival event: Spring Feast
Snow flurries brings here the most important festival of Shenzhou: the Spring Festival!
Spring Feast prepared by Valkyries, Spring Lobby (chat room), dancing with Dawei, etc... Enjoy a spring with lots of fun in our all-new event activities!~
Get awesome rewards such as Valkyrie outfits, Crystals and Supply Cards in the Spring Event!~
Please refer to future announcements for more details about the event.

2. New battlesuit: [Argent Knight: Artemis]
◆ Rita's S-rank battlesuit [Argent Knight: Artemis]: BIO-type. Deals ice DMG and has unique summoning skills. Can cast Hypothermia and Ice Cell on enemies.
※ Captains can get the new battlesuit by the following means:

◆ Expansion Supply for [Argent Knight: Artemis] and [Valkyrie Bladestrike] will be open at 12:00, MAR 1 (GMT+8). Please refer to Expansion Supply announcements for more details.
* Reminder: Captains please stay aware of the schedule. After the Expansion Supply ends, [Argent Knight: Artemis] will become available in Standard Supply at some point.

3. Augment Core for [Valkyrie Bladestrike]
◆ Augment Core for A-rank battlesuit [Valkyrie Bladestrike]: enhancement system [Augment Core] is available now! When the system is activated, [Valkyrie Bladestrike] can cast new skills such as Current Converter, Avatar of Blades and Dancing Flames to unleash more power in battles.

◆ In V2.9, available daily attempts of the 4 Story stages that provide [Valkyrie Bladestrike] fragments will double. (The event of double daily attempts will end after the V3.0 Update)

4. ★New Story: Chapter IX-2 [Dark Serpent]
In Arc City, the deal between Theresa's party and Gray Serpent was thwarted by Rita. The girls had to evacuate the city, bringing Ningyo with them. Though the mysteries about Ningyo still remain hidden, the secrets of the mysterious "World Serpent" start to unravel.
New Story: Chapter IX-2 [Dark Serpent] will be open for challenge later in V2.9! The secrets of Serpent, are about to be unearthed...

5. All-new Deep Archives: Striker Files
◆ All-new challenge: Striker Files is ready! Augment Core activated. [Valkyrie Bladestrike] at your service!

◆ Captains of Lv.65 or higher who own [Valkyrie Bladestrike] can deploy this battlesuit in the challenge. Striker Files can only be challenged once each day. Daily attempt resets at 04:00.

◆ Striker Files will be open for a long time. The old Deep Archives will also be open at the same time.

6. Hyperion Arsenal Updates
◆ New weapon: [Skadi Ondurgud]
◆ New stigmata: [Robert Peary] set

Game Adjustments and Improvements:

Data mentioned below is all Max Level data.
◆ [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse]
1) Visual display of Combo ATK has been improved.
2) The timing requirement of unleashing Ultimate Skill has been optimized. It is now easier to cast Ultimate continuously.

◆ Blood Rose
New skill [Undying Rage]: Upon ending the Ultimate Skill, recover HP based on the HP cost of this Ultimate.

◆ Herrscher of the Void:
The visual display of [Keys of the Void] and [Celine: Ascendant] set equipped by [Herrscher of the Void] wearing [Frigid Empress] has been improved.

◆ Valkyrie Bladestrike:
1) The pace of Basic Attack has been optimized. It now takes less time to unleash a series of Basic Attack, making the experience of handling more smooth.
2) The sprinting distance of [Aerial Slash] and [Blade Flurry] has been extended.
3) It is now more smooth to perform Combo ATK.
4) Visual display of standby action has been improved.

◆ Wolf's Dawn:
1) Visual display of casting the Ultimate Skill has been improved.

◆ Stalker: Phantom Iron:
The description of the Charged ATK [Lightning Phantom] has been adjusted to be more accurate to match the actual effect. Adjusted description: "Shuttles through enemy and deals 4x150% ATK of Lightning DMG".

◆ Kiana, Mei, Bronya, Himeko:
Some of the speech voices in and outside battles have been optimized.

Data mentioned below is all Max Level data.
◆ Thales: The duration of Blazer Mode of the 2-piece set bonus [Scorching Rhythm] is extended from 5s to 6s.

◆ Higokumaru: The bug that the 3-piece set bonus [Fox Shadow] will be triggered when Combo Hit Count exceeds 50 has been fixed.

◆ Caravaggio: The bug that the effect layers of the 3-piece set bonus [Chiaroscuro] will reduce upon receiving indirect DMG (e.g. Bleed) has been fixed.

◆ The bug that some stigmata's skill "if the DMG received when being attacked is less than a certain number x the battlesuit's level, the battlesuit will not be interrupted (but takes DMG as usual)" does not work on Elemental DMG has been fixed.
This adjustment will affect the following stigmata: [Best Delivery Girl]'s 2-piece set bonus [Burst of Energy], [Critic]'s 3-piece set bonus [Cathartic Aura] and [Maidess of Quanta]'s 2-piece set bonus [Planck Constant].

◆ Monet: The visual display of the 2-piece set bonus [Nymphéas]'s Lightning shield has been improved.

◆ Xuanyuan Sword: The Total DMG Multiplier of the skill [Sword Defence]'s Charged ATK has been increased from 20% to 25%.

◆ White Star Banishers: The visual display of the active skill [Spiral Jet] has been improved.

◆ Boss [Argent Knight: Artemis]
1) The Basic ATK speed has been slowed down moderately.
2) The effect that the Boss is invincible when being attacked from the front has been adjusted: the invincible state can only be activated after the first Burst ends.
3) The DMG Reduction buff will not be effective while the Boss is moving. The buff will only be effective when the Boss is attacking.
4) New counterattack moves after Evasion.
5) New effect: The Boss will automatically be freed from control after Time Fracture has been activated for 1s.

◆ Valkyries will not lose SP upon attacks with Corruption effect when the Valkyries are not directly receiving the attacks or when the Valkyries are invincible.

◆ Time Swirl:
1) In V2.9, the Stamina cost for entering stages is adjusted from 10 to 15, and the cost of Time Swirl Pass is adjusted from 15 to 25. Meanwhile, the rewards are upgraded correspondingly, so that Captains can get rewards in Time Swirl more efficiently.

2) From 10:00, MAR 1, Time Swirl will enter Phase 2. In Phase 2, stage clearance progress will be reset. Captains will need to clear the trial stages again to unlock the official stages. The 1st completion rewards can be claimed again after completing the trial stages.

3) New drops in Time Swirl stages: [Fuxi] Ghost and [Quantum Destroyer Type-II] Ghost. (Will replace the [Jixuanyuan] Ghost and [Briareus PRI] Ghost in Phase 1)
* Additional Rules: In Phase 2, [Jixuanyuan] and [Briareus PRI] will still be open for crafting.

4) The clearance time allowed for stage rating B or lower will has been extended. It is now easier to reach such ratings.

5) Captains can choose enhanced/upgraded equipment with higher levels or star levels for [Equipment Crafting] now. Equipment that is locked, equipped or in training cannot be used for Crafting.
* If Crafting involves equipment with high star level, all upgrade materials invested on the equipment will be returned (including Honkai Crystal; excluding equipment EXP materials and Coins). If the level of the equipment used for Crafting is too high, the equipment EXP materials invested will not be returned.

◆ New Abyss [Dirac Sea]:
1) New mechanism -- savepoint: When Captains enter a battle, a savepoint that is the closest to the battle area will automatically be saved, so that Captains can start from this savepoint when entering this Floor again.
2) The bug that different battlesuits can be deployed to fight enemies in different areas at the same time has been fixed.
3) The bug that global skills will attract enemies from other areas to the ongoing battle has been fixed.
4) The bug that Valkyries will not enter battles when stigmata skills deal DMG to enemies has been fixed.
5) The SP growth bug which occurs before the battle begins has been fixed.
6) After battles (whether defeat the enemies or not), the completion progress will be recorded based on the enemies' HP loss. The overall completion progress of that Floor will be the average completion progress of all the areas of that Floor combined. When entering a Floor again, Captains see the overall completion progress of that Floor.
7) Info about enemies of different areas now also includes difficulty levels of enemies and current completion progress.
8) The previous 4 weather effects have been adjusted, and another 4 new weather effects has been added.
9) Some freezing issues have been solved.
10) Visual display of some scenes has been improved.
11) Visual display of the bleeding effect icon has been improved.

◆ Story stages:
1)In V2.9, available daily attempts of the 4 Story stages that provide [Valkyrie Bladestrike] fragments will double. (The event of double daily attempts will end after the V3.0 Update)
2) There will be more EXP to be obtained in the 1st clearance of Story Chapter 1~6 stages.

◆ Open World: Schicksal HQ
1) Some of the exorcism tasks now give [Sündenjäger] Souls.
2) Captains with Max Level of Ai-chan Tech now can see different weather in Mecha Defense. Captains can challenge Mecha Elimination to help achieve SSS Weekly Ratings.

◆ Memorial Arena: New Boss [Heimdall]

◆ Story stages, events and Co-op stages:
Objectives of some stages have been adjusted. It is now easier for Captains to meet the objectives.

=======Affix Reshuffle=======
◆ Targeted reroll: [Reroll Device]
1) New material: [Reroll Device] [Reroll Device] can be used to conduct targeted reroll on listed 4★ stigma with 2 Wafer Affix slots. Captains can use it to get desired Affix.
2) When conducting targeted reroll, you are guaranteed to get two 3★ Wafer Affixes by consuming specific [Reroll Device] and [Rare Crystal Core].
3) In V2.9, [Reroll Device] can be purchased in time-limited Exchange Shop with Asterite. Please note that different reroll devices can provide different types of affixes. Example: By consuming [Reroll Device: ATK], you can only get affixes related to ATK.

◆ Adjustment of weapon-related affixes
1) Weapon-related affixes have been integrated into 4 types: Dual Guns, Greatsword & Gauntlets, Cannon & Scythe, Katana & Cross.
2) All the existing types of affixes will be changed to these 4 new types in V2.9. Example: If the current affix is "Greatsword wielders gain 20 ATK", then it will be changed to "Greatsword & Gauntlet wielders gain 20 ATK" in V2.9.

◆ Integration of Open World Matz & Shop Adjustment
Version 2.9 integrates many materials of the Open World. Ancient Carvings and other materials are unified into the following 3 categories: the original [Ancient Willpower], [Mithril] and [Asterite]. Meanwhile, the Shop and materials collected from the Open World have undergone corresponding changes.
1) New common materials: [Mithril] and [Asterite]. The two new materials, along with [Ancient Willpower], will become the three common exchange materials in the game, which can be used to exchange for most items in the Shops.
2) Integration of Open World Materials: Ancient Carvings and other Open World materials will be transformed into common exchange materials by a certain proportion.
3) Adjustments of Open World rewards: Collection, Mecha Defense, and Companion Skills — materials from daily Collection are now common materials.
4) Shop adjustments: the exchange items of the Open World Shop have been moved to other Shops, which can be traded with [Ancient Willpower], [Mithril] and [Asterite].
5) Weekly purchase quotas increased: weekly purchase quotas for Battlesuit Fragments and Souls in the [Battlefield Treasury] are increased.
6) Adjustments of other Shops: [Exchange Shop] and [Memory Shop] are renamed; some exchange items in [Dorm Shop] and [Logistics Terminal] are moved.

*Special Notes:
In Version 2.9, the original Open World Materials are not transformed into Common Materials automatically, and players can still trade A/S-rank Battlesuit Fragments and Advanced Skill Materials with existing materials.
That is to say, in Version 2.9, Captains can still purchase Battlesuit Fragments and other items in the Open World Shop with their existing materials, which can also be transformed into [Ancient Willpower], [Mithril] and [Asterite] for purchases in the new Shops.
In Version 3.0, all of the original Open World Materials are automatically transformed into common materials proportionally, and the original Open World Shop will be shut down permanently.
* For more details, please refer to corresponding announcements.

◆ Foundry:
1) [Foundry] system has been added, all the Shop equipment have been moved to the Foundry system.
All the Shops involved in this adjustment: Exchange Shop, Memory Shop, Armada Terminal, Co-op Supplies and Battlefield Treasury.
2) In addition to the Shop equipment, there are some extra stigmata in Foundry system: Elizabeth Bathory (T, M, B), Ryunosuke Akutagawa (T, M, B), Wang Zhaojun (T, M, B) and Mary Shelley (T).
3) In Foundry system, the purchase limit of 3★ stigmata has been changed to "No more purchases after owning 2". This adjustment won't affect the following: Rowland (T, M, B), Theresa: Origins (T, M, B), Naoe Kanetsugu (T, M, B) and Edison (T, M, B).
4) After owning a weapon whose purchase limit is 1, you can not forge this weapon anymore in Foundry system.
*Note: In V2.9, the foundry limits of [Time Swirl] equipment in Foundry do not quite correspond with their crafting limit in [Time Swirl]. This issue will be fixed in the future versions.

◆Witch's Corridor:
1) Souls of A-rank battlesuit [Arctic Kriegsmesser] can be exchanged now.
2) Exchangeable fragments of S-rank battlesuits have been changed to: [Lightning Empress], [Black Nucleus] and [Blood Rose]. (can be exchanged using [Pure Witch Orb])

◆ Battlefield Treasury: Fragment of S-rank battlesuit [Blood Rose] has been added, which is priced at 14 Ancient Willpower each.

◆ Event Shop: You don't need to confirm your purchase for a 2nd time, which improves your shopping experience.

◆ Dorm Shop: Won't be available anymore. Home Materials and Honkai Blocks can only be bought using Mithril in Mithril Shop now. Tasty Desserts can only be bought using Asterite in Asterite Shop now. Common Coins and Construction Permit are moved to [Logistics Terminal].

◆ Dorm Shop will disappear when there are not any buyable items.

All 4★ weapons (excluding limited and Divine Key weapons) can be extracted once. The extraction period lasts until the release of V2.9.

=======Story Chapter Missions=======
1) Story Chapter missions have been adjusted in V2.9. You can see the updated mission panel on the [Story Chapter Mission] page.
2) Some new missions and rewards have been added to the Story Chapter Mission. If Captain has already met the requirement of these newly-added missions, then you can instantly claim the rewards after the update.
3) Requirements and rewards of some Story Chapter Missions have been changed, while some missions and rewards will be moved to Achievement system, but the progress won't be reset.

◆ Faster Equipment Change
1) [Equip Configuration] system has been added: You can save multiple equip configurations (weapon + stigmata) for each battlesuit, and use any one of them with just one click. Captain can access this system by tapping [Equip Configuration] on the right of Valkyrie display page.
2) You can save as many as 4 sets of configurations for each battlesuit. On the [Equip Configuration] page, tap [Copy] to save the current weapon and stigmata on the battlesuit as one of the pre-configured choices.
3) After completing your configuration, tap [Apply] to instantly equip the battlesuit with these weapon and stigmata.
* If the equips in your Equip Configuration are locked (Memorial Arena, Co-op, etc), then you won't be able to apply the selected configuration.

◆ Optimized Skill Descriptions:
1) [Nutshell] function has been added in skill description, you can see a simplified skill description by using Nutshell.
2) Optimized display of skill levelup.

◆ Daily Duty Point Reward:
◆On reaching 150 Duty Points, original rewards of [Intermediate Toolbox] x2 are adjusted to [Mithril] x1200.

◆ Dorm:
1) Move In Procedure is available for these new girls: Argent Knight: Artemis, Elizabeth Bathory, Planck, Ekaterina, Celine and Dracula. And new interaction and dorm events are added accordingly.
2) [Spring Kitchen] set of furniture have been added. Some of these furniture can be manufactured using [Honkai Blocks] and [Common Coins].

[Expansion Equipment Supply Card] has been added, which is priced at 280 Crystals each.
◆ After the version update, it costs [Expansion Equipment Supply Card] to open Expansion Equipment Supply crates. It still costs [Expansion Supply Card] in Expansion Supply for battlesuits.
Captain can also exchange [Expansion Supply Card] for [Expansion Equipment Supply Card] in Shop at the exchange rate of 1:1. *Please refer to future announcements for more details.

Bug fixing/ Optimizations:
◆ Fixed the voice playback errors of some Valkyries in Bridge.
◆ Fixed the display abnormality of red dot in chat panel.
◆ Fixed the display bug of Myriad group rewards in [Dirac Sea].
◆ Fixed the location bug of some collectible items in [Dirac Sea].
◆ Fixed the Honkai Bomb disappearance bug when fighting soul-linked enemies in [Dirac Sea].
◆ Fixed the lineup display bug in [Dirac Sea].
◆ Fixed the display bug of some Shop items when accessing the Shop in [Dirac Sea].
◆ Fixed the bug which occurs when you're redirected to the Bundle page from Shop and purchase a Bundle.
◆ Fixed the text display bug on Attack page when you re-login after being disconnected from the server.
◆ Fixed the display error in Boss Invasion Damage Rank which occurs when a member quits the Armada.
◆ Fixed the bug which causes some enemies with [Electro Shield] to take Ignite DMG, and the shield HP has also been lowered.

======Known Bugs======
◆ In V2.9, the foundry limits of [Time Swirl] equipment in Foundry do not quite correspond with their crafting limit in [Time Swirl]. This issue will be fixed in the future versions.

◆ In V2.9, the affix bonus won't be displayed correctly on some battlesuits (don't worry, they are still effective in battles). These issues will be further improved in future Versions.

======Top Up======
◆ In V2.9, Bundle Token can be used to purchase bundles.
1) Captain can click the "+" button on the top right corner of Bundle page to purchase Bundle Tokens. The purchase options of Bundle Tokens are exactly the same as Crystal options ($0.99/$4.99/$19.99/$49.99/$99.99), and the exchange rate is: $1 = 60 Bundle Tokens.
2) Bundle Tokens can be used to purchase bundles and outfits originally purchased with dollars. (Note: Bundle Tokens can be used to purchase bundles containing Crystals, but can not be used to purchase Crystals directly.)
3) Money spent on purchasing Bundle Tokens will count toward the total top up.

◆ Bundle Token Coupons have been added.
1) Captain can use Bundle Token Coupons to enjoy discount when buying Bundles with Bundle Tokens.
2) Bundle Token Coupons can only be used in certain types of items and are effective for a limited period of time (Example: outfit coupons can only be used in outfit purchases.) You can check the descriptions below each coupon for details.
* In the requirement descriptions of Bundle Token Coupons ("Usable over X Bundle Tokens"), "X Bundle Tokens" refers to the actual paid price.

◆ In V2.9, [Special Outfit Token] will be added. (Refer to subsequent announcements for more info.)

◆ Some Bundle outfits and event outfits will be back on sale in the future.

◆ Note: Some special outfits ([Frigid Empress], [Winter Princess] and [Candy Demon]) can not be purchased with [Special Outfit Token].

Translation adjustments after the version update include
Frostbite >> Hypothermia
Celestial Study >> Jade Pavilion
Mark of the Raven >> Raven Mark
Schicksal Imaginary Core >> SS Imaginon
Anti-Entropy Imaginary Core >> AE Imaginon