Deep Enigma


Welcome to v3.0 - [Deep Enigma]!

Dive down into the Deep to reveal the truth of this underwater city from the Previous Era.
Explore the Sea of Quanta to see the Equipment: Living Form (ELF) versions of [Jingwei's Wings] and [Blood Embrace].
Her conviction to protect companions is a brilliant comet that cuts through the darkest of night.
[Yamabuki Armor] augmentation complete! Requesting mission deployment!

Update details:
1. Story Chapter X: Under The Deep
◆ To transfer the Gem of Desire, Theresa and her crew came to the Deep, a Previous Era ruin.
Bronya's orphanage friends and her adoptive mother awaits her there.
Unveil old memories and secrets hidden under these enigmatic waves.

2. All-new ELF system
◆ [ELF: Jingwei's Wings] and [ELF: Blood Embrace]: Valkyrie weapons have been transformed into Equipment: Living Form (ELFs). With independent skill systems and autonomous combat styles, they are the powerful combat pals you've always wanted.
* The ELF system is unlocked at Captain Lv.50. Captains of Lv.61 or higher can bring ELF: Blood Embrace into the battle.

3. New Level Cap
◆ New Level Cap: in v3.0, Captain level is capped at 82.Meanwhile, there will be a 30% EXP bonus event for all Captains to level up at rocket speed.
◆ New Level Exclusives: after reaching Lv.81, Stamina cap and Expedition Stamina limit will increase, and exclusive contents including new adventure tasks, Path of Apotheosis tiers and Divine Key skills will be available.

4. [Yamabuki Armor]'s Augment Core: [Drive Kometa]
◆ A-rank battlesuit [Yamabuki Armor]'s Augment Core: [Drive Kometa] deployed!With Augment Core activated, [Yamabuki Armor] can use new skills including Restructured Energy, Aegis of Inertia and Gravity Vortex to unlock more possibilities in battle.
◆ In v3.0, daily attempts of the 4 Story stages which drop [Yamabuki Armor] fragments are doubled and this event will end with the v3.1 update.

5. New Team Raid: Eye of the Deep
◆ New large-scale co-op mode: [Eye of the Deep]!
Dangers lurk in the depths. Fight alongside fellow Captains and coordinate your moves to defeat the ancient darkness.
◆ [Eye of the Deep] Team Raid is a large-scale co-op mode where up to 12 Captains work together to complete various challenges.
Captains can claim rewards after clearing each stage and finishing the Team Raid.
◆ Captains of Lv.55 or higher can experience Team Raid.

6. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal
◆ New weapons: [Star Shatterer: Vikrant] and more.
◆ New stigmata: [Beethoven] set and more.

Game Adjustments and Improvements:

Data mentioned below is all Max Level data:

◆ Argent Knight: Artemis:
1) New effect: The 4th hit of the 5-sequence Basic ATK pulls in enemies within a small area.
2) New effect: During the 5-sequence Basic ATK, immediately tap the [ATK] button after evading to avoid breaking the sequence.
3) The issue where the team skill fails to apply Hypothermia has been fixed.
4) New effect for skill [Winter Harvest]: After consuming 2 stacks of Hypothermia, the battlesuit will deal more multi-stage Ice DMG. And the skill description has been modified.
5) Skill [Argent Scythe]: Deals more DMG now. Current effect: Charged ATK consumes 2 stacks of Hypothermia to deal multi-stage DMG, and each stage gains 120% ATK of Ice DMG.
6) Some of the speech voices in battles have been modified.

◆ Herrscher of the Void:
1) Some of the skill descriptions have been modified for accuracy.
2) The bug where the wings and lances of Herrscher of the Void had not been displayed correctly at the result screen in Co-op mode has been fixed.

◆ Celestial Hymn:
New effect for skill [Crossing Harmony]: QTE skill deals more DMG against shields.

◆ Wolf's Dawn:
1) Visual display of casting Ultimate Skill has been improved.

◆ Valkyrie Bladestrike:
1) Visual display of movements has been improved.
2) Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.
3) The bug where QTE skills that have not been unlocked can still be unleashed in co-op mode has been fixed.

◆ Shadow Dash:
1) Visual display of movements has been improved.
2) Model clipping bugs in some scenes have been fixed.

◆ All battlesuits of Fu Hua:
Abnormal visual display of some movements has been fixed.

◆ All battlesuits of Rita:
Visual display of movements has been improved.

◆ All battlesuits of Bronya:
The fluidity of unleashing ultimate skills and weapon skills with laser-type weapons has been improved.

◆ The effects of some co-op team skills in Team Raid have been modified.
* This adjustment applies to the following battlesuits: Divine Prayer, White Comet, Lightning Empress, Shadow Dash, Crimson Impulse, Snowy Sniper, Yamabuki Armor, Black Nucleus, Battle Storm, Ritual Imayoh, and all battlesuits of Theresa.

◆ Aesir Heimdall:
1) The wrong duration of Overdrive mode (activated upon enough number of hits taken and HP loss) has been corrected.
2) The bug where [Overdrive DEF] would still be in effect in Overdrive mode after Defensive Force Field has been shattered has been fixed.

◆ Jizo Mitama
The bug where Jizo Mitama would keep turning after it has changed its form (in Memorial Arena) has been fixed.

◆ The artistic effects of some scenes in Memorial Arena have been modified.


◆ Story stages:
1) In v3.0, daily attempts for the 4 Story stages that provide [Valkyrie Bladestrike] fragments will no longer double.
2) Possible drops of Story stages now include [Fulminare Core] (matz for enhancing [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core).

◆ Open World:
1) For Captains of Lv.60 or higher, possible Exorcism rewards now include [Mysterion].
2) Possible Exorcism tasks for Captains over Lv. 80 now include exclusive Lv. 80+ tasks with ELF parts as rewards.
3) In v3.0, the old Open World shops (Fusion Recipes, Forge Recipes, and Schicksal Shop) will close permanently. Exchangeable items that were provided in these old shops are now available in Mithril Shop, Asterite Shop or War Treasury.
4) Open World matz such as Sakura Resonance, Precision Logic Unit and Box of Parts can now be sold for Mithrils.
5) Open World matz such as Soulium Ore, Silver and Ancient Carving will be recycled and convert into common materials in v3.0. Captains can refer to the previous announcement ""Open World Materials & Shop Adjustments"" for specific convert ratios.

◆ Weekday Events:
1) Available daily attempts for matz stages of Weekday Event will be reduced to 1, with more rewards and higher Stamina cost (34 Stamina).
2) New ELF matz stages available for Captains over Lv.80. Eligible Captains can get ELF matz from these stages to help your ELFs grow stronger.

◆ Time Swirl:
1) The matz that can be obtained from salvaging Ghost / Shade / Spirit are changed from Time Swirl Pass to Ether Fuel x8 / Shade Shard x10 / Shade Shard x45 respectively.
2) The bug where some equipment has inconsistent crafting requirements in Time Swirl and Foundry has been fixed.

◆ Chronicles:
Possible drops of stages of Chronicles Chapter 1 (Story Mode) now include 2★ weapons.

=======Path of Apotheosis=======
1) The entrance path has been adjusted. Captains can now enter Path of Apotheosis via the previous entrance of Deep Archives on the [CHALLENGE] page.
2) Visual display of locked equipment has been adjusted. Captains can now clearly see which equipment has been locked on which battlesuits.
3) The reward [Fulminare Core] (matz for upgrading [Valkyrie Bladestrike]'s Augment Core) will be replaced with [Evolve Core] (matz for upgrading [Yamabuki Armor]'s Augment Core). ELF matz will also be added into the rewards.
4) New side stages available. After completing certain stages, 2 different side stages with different types of enemies will become available for challenge (both side stages cost deployments). Clear either one to unlock the next stage.
5) Visual display of the main screen, UP battlesuits, Finalization Reward and stage progress has been improved.
6) New tier available for Lv.80+ Captains.
7) Battle score of Path of Apotheosis can now be displayed in Captain Info.
8) New enemy form added.

======Sensei-Cadets System======
◆ Trial mission rewards for cadets have been adjusted: [SS Imaginon] and [AE Imaginon] are replaced with Asterite.
◆ Benefit loss due to exceeding recommended levels for the trial missions will no longer change with Captain level.
◆ New exchangeable items available in Master's Shop.

◆ ELF Shop: New ELF Shop. Sells ELF matz.

◆ Asterite Shop:
1) In v3.0, Captains can buy 200 Asterites at the price of ONE Coin every day.
2) Daily purchase limit for Soul of A-rank battlesuits is raised to 5.
3) Weekly purchase limit for [Smelted Core] is raised to 2.
4) Weekly purchase limit for [Fulminare Core] is raised to 25.
5) Asterite Shop now unlocks at Lv.30.
※ After the APR 11 update, a new [Evolve Core] purchase option will be added to [Asterite Shop] with a weekly purchase limit of 25 (resets at 04:00 every Monday, GMT+8).

◆ Foundry:
1) New stigmata that can be forged: Fu Hua Musician (T, M, B), Mei: Princess (T), and Theresa: Overlord (B).
2) New weapon that can be forged: [X-01 Azure Eye].
3) The main screen of Forge system has been adjusted. The top-right corner of the screen now shows the amounts of Mithrils, Asterites and Crystals owned by Captain.

◆ Armada Terminal & Co-op Shop: Weapons and stigmata that were available in these shops have been moved to Foundry. Captains can now forge these equipment in this system with the same materials.

◆ Bonus offer: New bonus bundles available (1 purchase only for each bundle). Captains can purchase tons of Asterite and Mithril at the price of ONE Coin.

◆ LTO Exchange: In v3.0, Armada Fuel Chest, Time Swirl Pass Chest will still be available for purchase.

◆ Exchange House: New exchangeable stigmata sets [Schrodinger Band] and [Nuwa Figurine Master] available.

◆ Witch's Corridor:
1) New exchangeable item: Soul of A-rank battlesuit [Sündenjäger].
2) New exchangeable S-rank fragments (will replace the previous ones): fragments of [Dimension Breaker], [Vermilion Knight: Eclipse] and [Phoenix] (exchangeable with [Pure Witch Orb]).

=======Friend & Chat & Display=======
1) New function: Group. Capacity of each Group: 30 Captains. Captains can create Group, invite others to Group, edit or check Group info, or invite members in Group to activities such as Team Raid.
* Special Notes: Captains will not be able to add friends from other servers in v3.0. This function is still under adjustments and will be launched in future versions. Thank you for your understanding.
2) Captain Info now shows information about Captain's ELFs and performance in Dirac Sea, Path of Apotheosis and Team Raid.

=======Divine Key=======
Level cap of Divine Key has been raised. Captains over Lv.80 can now upgrade Divine Key to Lv.9~10 and unlock new skills.

=======Adjustments to Daily & Weekly Mission=======
◆ Daily Mission:
1) Daily Mission no longer includes bounty missions. Ongoing bounty missions can still be finished, but there will not be any new bounty missions.
2) Daily Mission now includes new Abyss / Open World / Memorial Arena missions, and these missions will appear in Daily Mission by turns.
3) The amounts of EXP and Duty pts that can be obtained from Daily Mission have been adjusted.
* Special Notes: As there are some adjustments to Daily Mission, for Captains who have logged in during 04:00~12:00 on APR 11, the mission list will show an additional set of new Daily Mission when logging in again on the day after the v3.0 update. Both of the old and new sets of Daily Mission will be available with unchanged rewards.

◆ Weekly Missions:
1) A new Weekly Missions panel is added to show completed missions and claimed rewards in the current weekly cycle.
Weekly Activeness can be accumulated through completing Weekly Missions, and Captains who have reached Lv.81 or higher can reap better rewards!
2) The previous weekly missions in Daily Missions have been moved onto the Weekly Missions panel, and the contents, rewards of some missions have been adjusted.

=======Rest EXP=======
From v3.0, Captains of Lv.50 or higher will obtain Rest EXP during offline time. After login, Rest EXP will stop growing.
After you have cleared stages, your Rest EXP will be transformed into up to 100% bonus Captain EXP.
For example: if you consume 10 Stamina to clear a stage which normally grants 10 EXP.
With sufficient Rest EXP, you can receive extra 10 EXP (20 EXP in total).
* Special Notes:
1) Rest EXP caps at a certain amount. Try to make good use of it.
2) After reaching Captain Lv.82, Rest EXP can still grow but will no longer be transformed into bonus EXP.

The Extraction event for all 5★ weapons (except limited weapons and Divine Keys) will close in v3.0.

◆ Valkyrie Option Eggs:
After the v3.0 update, [Valkyrie Option Egg: S] from Land of Wishes and [Valkyrie Option Egg: A] from Top-up Bonuses will be adjusted:
1) [Valkyrie Option Egg: S]: choose a battlesuit from the following: Knight Moonbeam, Lightning Empress or Dimension Breaker and get 30 fragments of the chosen battlesuit).
2) [Valkyrie Option Egg: A]: choose a battlesuit from the following: Ritual Imayoh, Flame Sakitama or Wolf's Dawn and get extra 30 fragments of the chosen battlesuit.
3) A battlesuit card of an owned battlesuit will convert into 30 fragments/souls.
* For Captains who have opened Option Eggs in v2.9, the dev team will reference server data to exclude those who have already received fragments/souls and compensate 30 fragments/souls of the particular battlesuit to those who haven't in v3.0.
For more details please refer to further notice.

◆ Dorm:
1) Move-in Procedures for new members: Shigure Kira, Naoe Kanetsugu and Charlemagne.
Corresponding interactions and events have also been added.
2) In Move-in Procedures, missions previously required to be completed in Infinity Abyss can now be completed in Dirac Sea.

◆ Asterite and Mithril: the original ""Cancel"" button has been replaced by a ""Other Sources"" button for Asterite/Mithril purchase options in the shop.

◆ Material Expeditions: Captains of Lv.60 or higher can now obtain [SS Imaginon], [AE Imaginon] and [Fulminare Core] through expeditions.

◆ Inventory:
1) The main screen to sell inventory materials is improved. You can now filter materials based on the types of currency materials are sold for and sell them altogether.
2) You can now sort stigmata in the inventory by sets.
3) When a material has exceeded its storage limit, a window will pop up for you to sell the excessive directly.

◆ Affix Reshuffle item [Reroll Device: ATK] will no longer reroll ""Attack deals XX more ice/fire/lightning DMG"" affixes.

◆ Using a [Energy Cell] will now restore 1250 Energy.

◆ Spring Lobby will close after the v3.0 update.

◆ The [To battle! - Challenges] screen has been improved.

◆ New "Bond Valkyrie" event for rookie Captains: qualified Captains of Lv.30 or higher can choose one from [Night Squire], [Shadow Dash] and [Umbral Rose] and try out the battlesuit for 20 days.
By using the chosen battlesuit to complete battle missions, you can unlock the battlesuit, matching equipment plus other rewards.

◆ Player guide and Returning Bonuses for returnees have been improved for veteran Captains.
In v3.0, returnees of Lv.50 or higher can consume Mithril and Asterite to buy chests and catch up on rewards from unfinished or missed activities.
These activities include: Open World, Infinity Abyss/Dirac Sea and Memorial Arena.

New outfit [Dusky Murmurs] for [Umbral Rose]

S-rank battlesuit [Argent Knight: Artemis] is included in Standard Supply.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:
◆ Fixed: after the streamlining of weapon-based affix attack bonuses, they may not be calculated correctly on some Valkyrie Basic Attributes panels.
◆ Fixed: when viewing profiles of other Captains in chat, combat power of battlesuits may not display correctly.
◆ Fixed: [Spring Salty Tuna] furniture may not display correctly in Dorm.
◆ The hint for unlocking certain CGs in the Replay album has been modified.

Translation adjustments after the version update include:
Kukuria -> Cocolia
Celine -> Sirin.
Sword | Katana -> Blade
Greatsword -> 2-Handed
Dual guns -> Pistols
Missile | Cannon -> Heavy
Common Coins -> Furni-Bitz.
Planeroid Token -> Planeroid
Bundle Token  -> B-Chip
Erosion Key  -> Key of Corruption
Mecha Training Room  -> Mech Cabin
Planeroid Token  -> Planeroid
[Shin: Shedding Petals]  -> [SHIN: Ohka Fall]