Welcome to v3.2 - Undine's Phantasm!


Past memories surged up like unstoppable torrents, bringing her back from the deep slumber under the sea... Seele Vollerei's A-rank battlesuit Swallowtail Phantasm is battle ready!

In this boundless ocean of hope and despair, will the long waited reunion finally come true?

Update details:

1. New battlesuit: Swallowtail Phantasm

◆ Seele Vollerei's A-rank battlesuit Swallowtail Phantasm: Quantum-type and capable of unique Shuttle Attack. Her Ultimate grants her the extraordinary power of Shadow Avatar to decimate enemies effortlessly.

※ Captains can unlock the new battlesuits in the following ways:

◆ Swallowtail Phantasm & Sixth Serenade will be featured in Expansion Supply from 12:00, JUL 9 to 12:00, JUL 12. Swallowtail Phantasm's recommended gear will also be featured in Expansion Equipment Supply from 12:00, JUL 9 to 12:00, JUL 19.

◆ In v3.2, Captains can take part in Story Chapter XI events to get Swallowtail Phantasm fragments.

※ Note: Swallowtail Phantasm will enter the Standard Supply pool shortly after the Expansion Supply event ends.

2. Story Chapter XI: Deep End of the Sea

To retrieve the lost Gem of Desire, Bronya threw herself headfirst into the unpredictable Sea of Quanta. In this bizarre realm beyond human comprehension, a most unexpected figure showed up before her...

◆ New Story Chapter: Deep End of the Sea Opening schedule:

Stage 11-1~11-6: after the v3.2 update.

Stage 11-7~11-10: 04:00 JUL 11.

Stage 11-11~11-18: 04:00, JUL 18.

(Hard and Supreme stages will become available the same time with the corresponding Normal stages.)

◆ Limited-time challenge event for Story Chapter XI Captains can complete event missions to get Swallowtail Phantasm fragments, her new outfit Azure Memories and her recommended 3★ stigmata set!

3. New ELF: Selune's Elegy

◆ S-rank ELF Selune's Elegy: Wields a scythe and her Ult unlocks Death's Aura to deal tons of AOE Ice DMG.

◆ ELF: Selune's Elegy will be featured in ELF Supply from 12:00, JUL 9. The Supply drops cost ELF Supply Cards and ELF: Selune's Elegy is guaranteed within every 100 drops. For details, please check upcoming announcements~

4. New challenge mode: Q-Singularis

Unknown dangers and hidden hopes are calling upon those who dare from the dreadful abyss. New adventures await!

Q-Singularis will be available from 15:00, JUL 15. Q-Singularis offers Captains an open map to hunt down enemies and compete with other Captains for generous rewards.

5. Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal

◆ New weapon: Undine's Tale.

◆ New stigmata sets: Dirac & Schrodinger: Tour.

Some of the new equipment can be exchanged for, while some can be obtained through Supply events.

Game changes & improvements:


Stats below are max level figures:

◆ Molotov Cherry

1. During VODKA TWINS!, Molotov Cherry can now unleash Ult or be swapped to Blueberry Blitz.

2. Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Can now be cast by holding the ATK button after Evasion or Basic ATK.

3. Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Now takes effect where it should.

4. Skill TYPHOON! YAY!: Fixed an issue where weapon skills could not be cast correctly during the Charged ATK.

5. Skill CAN'T TOUCH ME!: Ultimate Evasion now triggers Time Fracture.

6. Skill I KAN'T STOP!: Bonus Physical DMG now apply to all attacks instead of TYPHOON CHOP only.

7. Skill I KAN'T STOP!: The bonus effect loses one stack per 0.1s after TYPHOON CHOP ends instead of ending immediately.

8: Skill YOU'RE TRAPPED!: Now immobilizes enemies in a larger range.

◆ Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz

1. Special effects improved for certain skills.

2. Connecting certain moves now feels more fluent.

3. Releasing the joystick during Charged ATK now stops the Valkyrie from moving immediately.

◆ Gyakushinn Miko

Fixed an issue where models of certain weapons clashed with the character model during her Ult.

◆ All Rita battlesuits

All battlesuit and outfit models improved.

◆ All Fu Hua battlesuits

1. All battlesuit and outfit models improved.

2. The capes of Fire and Sword & Sword and Fire are now concealed on the Valkyrie screen.


New Quantum-type with Swallowtail Phantasm being the 1st of the type.

◆ Type counters

QUA-type counters none of the PSY, MECH, or BIO types. QUA-type battlesuits deal exactly the same DMG on enemies of the 3 existing types.

However, it's self countering, meaning QUA-type battlesuits deals more DMG to same-type enemies.

◆ In v3.2, when leveling up QUA-type battlesuits with EXP Chips of other types (including Advanced & Super Chips), a bonus of 25% extra EXP will apply.


Stats below are max level figures:

◆ Nobel: The AOE DMG from the 2-pc bonus now shares the same range with Molotov Cherry's Charged ATK.

◆ Nuada's Grief: Skill Airgetlám's SP cost lowered to 4.

◆ One Salty Tuna: Now costs common upgrade materials to upgrade. Meanwhile, the previously required Fine Salt will expire on JUL 4.

◆ The Load Capacity attribute removed. Captains can now equip battlesuits with more freedom.

◆ Stigma affixes with QUA-type attack bonuses not yet available in v3.2.


◆ Boss Kallen

1. Fixed an issue where Kiana's VO was played during certain attacks.

2. Fixed an issue where she might stand still during special attacks.


1. ELF Talents now boost ELFs' ATK & skill DMG more.

2. ELFs now break down into S/A/B ranks. ELF: Selune's Elegy is S-rank, while ELF: Blood Embrace & Jingwei's Wings are A-rank.

S-rank ELFs are born with 2 Talent slots and can unlock up to 5 slots.

3. ELF Supply

ELF Supply for Selune's Elegy will be available from 12:00, 9 July to 12:00, 2 August. Available to Captains of Lv.61 or higher. The Supply drops cost ELF Supply Cards and ELF: Selune's Elegy is guaranteed within every 100 drops.

Meanwhile, Bundle Mall will be featuring a ELF Supply bundle with 20% off, i.e. 1,200 Crystals for 10 ELF Supply Cards.

A. Supply Contents

ELF Supply offers the following items:

ELF & ELF Parts: ELF: Selune's Elegy & Blood Embrace and their parts.

ELF materials: Basic Talengem, GP Talengem & Mind Stone.

Common upgrade materials: Asterite, Mithril, Moon Will & ADV Quanta Bytz.

(For detailed drop rates please check later announcements.)

B. Supply Rules

1. Each Supply drop costs one ELF Supply Card (150 Crystals). ELF: Selune's Elegy or her parts are guaranteed in every 10 drops.

2. ELF: Selune's Elegy is guaranteed within every 100 drops. The ELF Supply screen shows the remaining drops before getting the guaranteed ELF: Selune's Elegy.

3. ELF: Selune's Elegy extras will convert into ELF: Selune's Elegy Parts x105 each; ELF: Blood Embrace extras will convert into ELF: Blood Embrace Parts x70 each.

4. The remaining drop count will not be carried over to the next round of ELF Supply. In other words, a Captain with 20 remaining drops till the guarantee when this ELF Supply event ends will find the count reset to 100 in the next round.

======Game Modes======

◆ Bounty Mark

1. Intro

Bounty Mark stages break down into S/A/B ranks.

Captains of Lv.40 or higher can create a room and directly invite other Captains in chat to engage a Bounty Mark. You can also opt to Quick Join a team on the Team List to assist in a Bounty Mark.

Engaging a Bounty Mark costs a Bounty File of the matching rank, which can be bought with Time Swirl Passes or obtained through events.

2. Achievement & Shop Changes

After the v3.2 update, unlocking the Bounty Mark mode will be an Achievement that rewards 500 Time Swirl Passes!

Additionally, Captains can buy 50 Time Swirl Passes with 1 Asterite in Task Shop every week (refreshes on Monday).

3. Rewards

Captains who has fulfilled a Bounty Mark as the room owner will be rewarded Ether Fuel, random Ghosts/Shades/Spirits and more.

Assisting Captains will receive assist rewards.

Assists are limited to certain times per week:

B-rank Bounty Mark assist: 5

A-rank Bounty Mark assist: 5

S-rank Bounty Mark assist: 2

4. UP Drop Target Choice

Each cycle of Bounty Mark offers an UP drop target choice. The chosen UP drop target has HIGHER drop rates! Tap the equipment icon on the top right of the Bounty Mark screen to choose or change your UP drop target.

5. Crafting Changes

A. Weapon crafting in Bounty Mark is now more flexible:

Crafting a Shade now requires 3 target Ghosts and 3 Ghosts of any sort (before: 6 target Ghosts).

Crafting a Spirit now requires 2 target Shades and 2 Shades of any sort (before: 4 target Shades).

B. Crafting limit eased: You can now craft equipment which you have less than 3.

C. Demonblade - Florid Sakura & Lier Scarlet can now be crafted.

6. Time Swirl & Bounty Mark Changes

From 10:00, JUL 3, Time Swirl stages will be temporarily unavailable, while BEFALL: Blade/Pistols/2-Handed stages will be moved to Weekday Events.

More event missions for Bounty Mark will be available from JUL 8 to JUL 18 for Captains to pick up more sweet bounties~

◆ Q-Singularis

New challenge mode: Q-Singularis Captains can challenge enemies on an open map to rack up the score, and compete with Captains from the same group for ranking rewards.

1. Rules

A. Q-Singularis will be available from JUL 15 to JUL 21. In the 1st cycle, Captains will be placed into groups of 20: Forbidden, Sinful, Agony & Redlotus.

B. After JUL 22, Captains of Lv.25~69 can continue playing Q-Singularis, while for Captains of Lv.70~82, Q-Singularis & Dirac Sea will be alternating every week. Dirac Sea will no longer have Warriors & Elites groups. Each Abyss mode will be finalized independently.

Special Notes:

A. The 1st cycle of Q-Singularis will not have a Myriad group. If you are placed at Myriad when Dirac Sea finalizes at JUL 14, you will start Q-Singularis the next week at Redlotus.

B. For Captains who reach Lv.70 after JUL 14: if you have played Dirac Sea before, you will be grouped based on your performance in the last cycle when entering the next;

if you haven't played Dirac Sea before, you will be grouped at Forbidden in Masters.

2. Dirac Sea Changes

A. Score rewards adjusted:

Warriors: Witness of Darkmoon replaced by Coins; Abyss Basic Box replaced by Mithril.

Elites: Witness of Darkmoon replaced by Coins; Abyss Modest Box replaced by Mithril.

B. New progress score: Captains who fail to finish the battle will gain progress score based on floor progress. Progress score takes only into account the highest score possible from all unfinished battle and does not add up to the total score.

Of the same total score, Captains with a higher progress score will rank higher. Of the same progress score, Captains who have reached the progress score earlier will rank higher.


◆ Story stages:

1. Fulfilling challenges now rewards more Coins & equipment EXP materials.

2. Certain stages now reward Blueberry Blitz fragments.

◆ Drift World

1. Captains of Lv.80 or higher can now buy attempts with Mithril to play the Drift World Weekday Event stage.

2. Stage rewards now include Silver Pin, Basic Talengem, GP Talengem & Mind Stone.

◆ Open World: Sakura Samsara

Drop rates are now higher for Gyakushinn Miko souls & Honkai Pieces in D~A- adventure tasks.


◆ Armada Terminal

1. Shop items now auto-refresh every week instead of costing Crystals to refresh.

2. Permanent items: Standard Supply Card & Armada Fuel Chest. Random items: ADV Skill Material, 4★ common upgrade materials, Time Seal Box, HOMU Chests, Mind Stone, etc.

◆ Logistics Terminal

1. The fragments of one (before: 1~3 randomly) B-rank battlesuit is now available to buy with Coins every day.

2. Low-star upgrade materials moved to Coins Shop.

◆ ELF Shop

ELF Shop will be closed temporarily after the v3.2 update. Mind Stone, Basic Talengem and GP Talengem will be moved to Asterite Shop with adjusted purchase limits. Quanta Bytz will be moved to Mithril Shop.

◆ Witch's Corridor

1. Now available: A-rank battlesuit Stalker: Phantom Iron fragments.

2. Now available: S-rank battlesuit Lightning Empress, Celestial Hymn & Goushinnso Memento fragments (will replace previous ones and exchanged with Pure Witch Orb).

◆ Exchange House

Now available: Stigmata set Monet.

◆ Battle Arsenal

1. New shop where Silver Pin can be exchanged for Basic Talengem, Mind Stone and more.

2. Silver Pin can be obtained from Team Raid: Eye of the Deep, Weekday Event stage Drift World, Path of Apotheosis, etc.

* For detailed opening schedules of Eye of the Deep & Path of Apotheosis, please check follow-up announcements.

◆ Expedition

Blueberry Blitz can now be obtained through Expedition (once you have met corresponding level requirements and unlocked corresponding Story Chapter stages).

======Bundle Mall======

When checking out, the coupon which gives you the largest discount will be applied by default.

======Bridge Interactions======

◆ Rozaliya & Liliya interaction animations and VO are added. Two Valkyries on bridge duty for the 1st time ever!


1. Move-In Procedure now available for Seele Vollerei & Rowland with newly added interactions & events.

2. The rewards for Move-In missions will now be auto-delivered to your inventory.


◆ Battlesuit upgrade changes

Leveling up battlesuit skills no longer requires Skill Points. Skill-related achievements and missions have been changed accordingly:

1. Technique Training Machine now grants Coins.

2. The achievement reward for obtaining a new battlesuit is now 50k Coins (before: 100 Skill Points).

3. In Base - Hub, the Skill Point modules have been replaced by friend limit ones.

4. For Captains of Lv.25 or higher, every 100 Skill Points will return one HOMI Chest (50k Coins). This compensation will be delivered within 3 working days after the v3.2 update.

◆ Collection improved

New Collection Evaluation: Emperyus. Unlocked at 12k Collection Rating and rewards Crystals, AE Imaginon & AiPhone keychain Empress Rita.

◆ Chat & teaming up improved

Captains can now invite strangers into their teams in chat.

◆ Offline Friendship Pts pop-up improved

The offline Friendship Pts prompt now shows in chat instead of popping up on the bridge.

◆ Weeklies

1. Team Raid, Path of Apotheosis & Team Raid removed from Weeklies.

2. Fulfilling Daily Duty now grants 100 Weekly Activeness.

Unity upgrade

For better visuals, we've updated the Unity engine in v3.2. Captains playing on certain models may experience unexpected instability, so please take note.

◆ Others

1. Focused/Expansion/Equipment Expansion/Friendship Supply are now unlocked at Lv.15.

2. In v3.2, Path to Greatness will be reset, and Supply Cards obtained in v3.1 will expire.


Below are the bugfixes for the last version:

◆ Fixed an issue where the challenge mode progress icon in Dreams of Gemina didn't show correctly when tapped.

◆ Fixed an issue where Boss Kallen's VO was played incorrectly in Memorial Arena.

◆ Fixed an issue where stigmata might be misplaced when viewing the Dirac Sea lineup of another Captain through Personal Info- Performance.

◆ Fixed an issue where the dropdown lists of "Stage Select" & "Level Select" were blocked by the "Team Description" text box.

◆ Fixed an issue where the Weekly Rating rewards in Open World: Schicksal HQ were shown in wrong numbers.

◆ Fixed an issue where in Dirac Sea, deploying Argent Knight: Artemis in Maid of Celestia could cause Captain's avatar to show incompletely in the rankings.