Wolf’s Dawn Awakening Patch Notes


Thank you for your patience, Captains! The Hyperion has completed updating!
Let’s have Hyperion’s very own Ai-chan walk you through the update contents for this new version!

1. Bronya’s Awakened Form Enters Battle
In the snowfields of Siberia, the undefeated Ural Silver Wolf returns with a new soul. Bronya’s awakened forms S Rank [Black Nucleus] and A Rank [Wolf’s Dawn] join the battle!
◆ New character introduction:
A Rank Valkyrie [Wolf’s Dawn]: Armor Yamabuki’s awakened form. Psychic type ranged character that utilizes the battle abilities of the Project Bunny mech arms.
S Rank Valkyrie [Black Nucleus]: Snowy Sniper’s awakened form. Creature type ranged character. Capable of cloaking and quickly moving around the battlefield to defeat enemies.
◆ How to obtain:
Captains can obtain the new characters via the Expansion Supply that will be available from March 16 to March 23 ([Wolf’s Dawn] and [Black Nucleus] character cards and souls will not appear in Standard Supply). For more details, please see the Expansion Supply details in-game.
Remember, Captains can earn Wolf’s Dawn fragments via the all new [Dilemma Dreamland] Extra Chapter!

2. Dorm Party - Time to Move In

Wanna help the Valkyries decorate their very own dorm? Wanna interact with your favorite chibi Valkyries? St. Freya’s Real Estate Co. proudly presents: St. Freya’s Valkyrie Dormitory!
Move right in and choose from a variety of furniture and accessories.

3. Dilemma Dreamland
Bronya has entered an unfathomable dreamland. Captain, help Bronya on her adventure of escaping the confines of this dreamland!
◆ Enter the Dilemma Dream by tapping [Attack] in the main menu, and then tap [Extra Chapters].
◆ [Dreamland Dilemma] will have two seperate game modes:
1. Story mode (unlocks at Lv.20) includes 4 areas, which will become available as below:
After the version 2.0 update on March 15, a new area will open each week.
Area 1 opening time: after the version 2.0 update!
Area 2 opening time: March 22, 04:00 (GMT+8)!
Area 3 opening time: March 29, 04:00 (GMT+8)!
Area 4 opening time: April 5, 04:00 (GMT+8)!
with 1 new area opening each week. After clearing the previous area,

2. Dreamland Challenge: this mode is divided into 2 seperate dreamland areas: Frightful Dreamland (unlocks at Lv.30) and Infernal Dreamland (unlocks at Lv.55). Captains may enter Dreamland Challenge mode after clearing the second chapter of Story mode.

After clearing a stage in Dreamland Challenge, Valkyries and their equipment will be locked in that battle stage. The locked Valkyries and equipment cannot be used in other Dreamland stages.

Part 4: Themed Abyss
The Gluttony and Pride themed Abyss have been added! Starting on March 16th, the Gluttony Abyss and Pride Abyss will be added to the Infinity Abyss gamemode!

5. Sensei/Cadet System
◆ Captains Lv.61 and above can become Sensei and take newer Captains Lv.6~60 as Cadets and help them progress. Sensei can take on up to 2 Cadets at a time.
◆Whether Sensei or a Cadet, Captains can receive rewards! Accumulate Sensei reputation and exchange for emblems, chat avatar frames, Honkai Crystals, and other rare rewards!
◆ Captains can enter the Sensei/Cadet System from the [Friends] icon in the main menu.

6. Other Updates
◆Enhance Now - when you use this quick option, Ai-chan’s ingenious system will prioritize the corresponding enhance materials to enhance your equipment to its current max level (i.e. to the highest level according to its current upgrade rating, if there is a crit during the enhancement process, some of the extra equipment EXP will be wasted).
◆New Equipment Share - tap the Share button to show your friends your favorite Stigmata and Weapons
◆Scrap Now
◆Valkyrie & Enemy Balancing

Wolf’s Dawn Awakening - Version Update Notes

◆Flame Sakitama Fragment IOU Info
The Flame Sakitama Fragment IOU currently being given out with the new Mentor feature will be recycled and exchanged automatically for Flame Sakitama Fragments once the Valkyrie Flame Sakitama goes online.

Optimized the evasion animation (now looks smoother) for Kiana characters.
White Comet:
Increased the visuals of White Silk’s passive skill when stunning enemies and reduced the screen shake effect as well as feeling of delay when her passive stun skill is triggered.
Increased the trigger range for White Comet’s QTE, and the QTE can be launched after charging to an enemy. The final leg of the attack now deals an additional stun effect.
In burst status, basic attack physical damage has been increased from 150% to 220%.
In burst status, combo attack damage has been increased from (50%+50%+225%) to (75%+75%+330%).
In burst status, the potential of the final hit of White Comet’s Combo Attack has been improved.
Changed the description of the basic attack chain to better match its actual effects.

Divine Prayer:
If the last hit of Divine Prayer’s QTE successfully hits the enemy, the entire team will regen HP.
After Divine Prayer’s ultimate is cast for 20 seconds, SP consumption will increase (first 20s will be unaffected).
Valkyrie Ranger
Valkyrie Ranger can now cast her Ultimate Skill while in the middle of an evasion and her animation after casting her Ultimate has been improved.
QTE's single target rate has been increased, and the QTE’s last shot was changed to have an AOE explosion effect that also deals a weakening status to enemies.
Knight Moonbeam:
Reduced the amount the screen shake effect during Knight Moonbeam’s L.W.B.V skill.
Improved Knight Moonbeam’s animation for other actions after her QTE.

Improved Mei’s animation for some actions following an evasion.
Crimson Impulse
Crimson Impulse can perform an evasion more quickly after landing from her QTE.
Basic attack chain hits are smoother now.
QTE visuals are more smooth, and the potential range and damage of the QTE’s final landing hit has been increased.
Combo Attack physical damage has been increased from (200%~400%) to (60% x7).
In Valkyrie status, Combo Attack damage has been increased from (50% x3) to (180% x3), and the issue where the Combo Attack didn’t receive combo type bonuses has been fixed.
Crimson Impulse’s Night Sakura skill effect has been changed from “the last strike of basic attack chains deals additional fire damage” to “the last strike of basic attack chains deals increases Combo Attack physical damage by 10~20% for 3~6 seconds.”
Valkyrie Bladestrike:
After Valkyrie Bladestrike casts her Ultimate, tap the Attack button to directly use her Combo Attack.
The animation between evasion and casting Bladestrike’s Ultimate is more smooth.
[Issen]’s damage has been increased from (150% + 250 ~ 450%) to (250% + 250 ~ 550%).
[Spirit Enchant], [Spirit of Power], and [Shadow Art] have all been adjusted so that they also affect Combo Attacks.
[Spirit of Power]’s crit damage has been increased from 5~15% to 25~75%, and a new effect has been added, increasing crit by 5~10% during burst.
[Air Enchant] skill now has an additional effect: when movement speed bonus ends, knock nearby enemies airborne and deal (combo hits (max 200) x 23~50) physical damage.

Optimized the animation for Shadowdash’s sweep after her 5th basic attack, Combo Attack, Switch Skill, and QTE, and these moves have been made more smooth.
Optimized Shadowdash’s QTE potential and her QTE followed by evasion will not remove her attack potential.
Fixed the issue where Shadowdash’s [Will Enchant] skill doesn’t grant bonuses to her 5th basic attack.
[Crescent Spin]’s  description has been changed to better reflect its actual effects.
[Will Enchant]’s crit damage has been increased from 7~20% to 10~40%.
[Crescent Spin] evasion can be performed anytime during sweep attacks and QTE.
[Infinite Enchant] and [Will Enchant] skills have been adjusted to also affect Combo Attacks. 
[Shadow Blade] damage has been increased from (220% + 40~80% x4) to (220%+ 80~160% x4).

Lightning Empress
The paralysis effect duration caused by basic attack chains has been increased to 5 seconds.
Physical damage of each hit in Combo Attacks has been increased from 50% to 60% (also used in [Lightning Slash] and [Thunder Crush]’s unlocked Combo follow up attacks).
Greatly increased the range and follow up attack capability of her Combo Attack’s first two hits.
Empress can now perform attacks and evasions more quickly after her Switch Skill.
Her QTE has been adjusted to 50% lightning and 50% physical damage, and using her QTE will recover 10 SP. When performing her QTE, Empress will be invincible.

After a successful Ultimate Evasion, Empress will trigger a 30% immunity to physical damage and 80% immunity to lightning damage for 4 seconds. Within the 4 second duration, she will also have higher immunity to interrupt. Upon Empress’ Ultimate Evasion cooldown, she will trigger 15% immunity to physical damage for 4 seconds along with higher immunity to interrupt.
Lightning Empress’ Ultimate Skill has been changed from “deal 1800% physical damage” to “deal 900% physical + 900% elemental lightning damage.”
Lightning damage potential of Empress’ ultimate skill has been improved.
[Thunder Edge] the amount of lightning damage dealt by each basic attack hit has been adjusted from “chance of triggering 41~300 lightning damage” to “guaranteed 41~300 lightning damage.”
A new effect has been added to the [I'm MEI] skill: for 7 seconds after the last hit of Empress’ Ultimate Skill, her elemental lightning damage dealt is increased by 40%.
The max effective combo for the [Dragon Cry] skill has been adjusted to 100, with each combo hit’s lightning damage being increased by 2x (total damage will not change). The final hit will no longer clear the combo hit count. The range of additional lightning damage has been increased.
[Thunder Cloud] has been adjusted from “having a 10~15% chance of paralyzing enemies for 1~2.5 seconds upon being hit” to “having a 10~20% chance of paralyzing enemies in a small AOE for 1~2.5 seconds upon being hit.”
A new effect has been added to [Soul Cutter]: “when an enemy is hit by the 5th basic attack and hasn’t been affected by Soul Cutter yet, the target will become conductive.”
The initial values for [Thunder Edge], [Lightning Slash], [Thunder Crush], and [Dragon Enchant] have been increased, but the final values are still the same.

◆Murata Himeko
The speed of some weapon skills has been increased along with the reaction time of some of Himeko’s weapons.
Increased the movement distance for Himeko’s dashing attacks.
Increased the feedback and reaction of Himeko’s sprinting attacks, making it easier to hit enemies.
Battle Storm:
Battle Storm’s Ultimate Skill will have a minor pulling effect the moment it is cast, bringing enemies closer to Himeko.
Battle Storm’s QTE damage has been increased.
Valkyrie Triumph
Increased Triumph’s QTE potential range, which can now be cancelled more quickly with evasions and can directly enter the 2nd hit of the basic attack chain (can be charged).

Blood Rose:
Time required for charging basic attacks has been shortened, and SP regen from charged normal attacks has been increased by 25%.
The ignition time from Blood Rose’s Ultimate Skill has been increased from 3 to 6 seconds.
Each time Blood Rose casts her Ultimate and enters Blood Order, she may resist attack damage one time.
Increased Blood Rose’s attack agility and ability to turn, increasing her ability to maneuver and attack enemies.
Adjusted the HP consumption rate of Blood Rose’s Ultimate Skill, with the first 10 seconds consuming less HP.
Added a new mechanic: after Evade and Slash, Blood Rose can directly enter the 2nd charged basic attack according to the flashing prompt that will appear (similar to Scarlet Fusion’s Perfect Combo).

Skill [Flame Explosion] has been adjusted to “every charged basic attack will deal additional elemental fire damage.”
Skill [Blood Echo]’s burning time has been increased from 2 to 4 seconds.
Skill [Round Dance] each vertical slash will have an equal increased chance of elemental fire damage.
Skill [Blood Curse], when HP drops below 50% in Blood Order status, elemental fire damage can be increased as much as 30%.
Skill [Refuge Blood] increased effect: when HP drops below 66%, increase all damage up to 30%.
Skill [Burning Blood] limitations for additional fire damage triggered in basic attack and in Blood Order status have been greatly increased.
Team Skill adjustments: create a Duel Zone and recover 30 SP, preventing the enemy from being able to move. In the zone, Blood Rose’s damage is greatly increased (cancelled the original 10% attack speed bonus) for 10 seconds. The moment the Duel Zone ends, if Blood Rose is still in range of the zone, she will recover 25% of her max HP.

The charge time of Bronya’s 3rd charging stage has been slightly reduced, and charged attacks will go astray less often upon dodging in the 3rd charging stage.
Armor Yamabuki’s laser charge will be interrupted upon casting her Ultimate Skill. This adjustment will be implemented in later versions.
The connection between attacks and evasion for Bronya characters has been improved.
◆Snowy Sniper
Details regarding Bronya’s movement when standing and charging attacks.
◆Dimension Breaker
[Dimension Ignite] skill fire damage has been increased from 3~63 to 50~150.
[Dimension Gravity] and [Anti-Matter Core] skills will now also increase elemental damage.

◆Yae Sakura
Increased the speed of Yae Sakura’s first 5 attacks in her basic attack chain, decreased the latency after the 6th attack, as well as the latency of her first evasion.

◆Goushinnso Memento
Increased Enhanced Slash’s base damage to 100% physical damage + 200% elemental ice damage. Skill [Frost Teeth]’s damage was reduced from 220~500% to 90~300%.
(i.e. the character’s early and mid-game growth rate has been increased, but at full skill level, total damage is still the same and bonuses were not changed).
Improved Goushinnso Memento’s basic attack chain potential and movement performance.

Increased Violet Executor’s QTE trigger range.

Improved the animation of most characters after landing, and switching characters after landing is more smooth.
Improved the combat visuals for most characters (for example, added shadow effects for evasions and optimized other special effects).
Valkyries will have attack protection and will not take attacks when they are in the process of being knocked airborne or knocked down.

Some Valkyries (White Comet, Valkyrie Chariot, Crimson Impulse, Valkyrie Pledge, Valkyrie Bladestrike, Battle Storm) now have increased ignore interrupt resistance from the start of Time Fracture until its end.
Characters’ Ultimate Evasion cooldown time can be reduced via Stigmata/Skills/Leader Skill up to a maximum of 40%.

Fixed the issue that allowed Captains to cast weapon skills in between pressing the Ultimate button and its SP being deducted. After the fix is implemented, Captains will no longer be able to cast weapon skills in that brief interval of time.
Fixed the battle assist AI for all characters, slightly reduced the evasion cooldown time for assisting characters. Increased their attack behavior, reducing the chances of non-attack actions occurring.

◆Adjusted the Hard and Supreme difficulties for some stages in Chapters 1 through 4 (no adjustment was made to stages that drop Valkyrie Fragments).
◆Improved the overall drops for Storyline stages and adjusted the first clear rewards. Adjustments were made to stages that drop Valkyrie Fragments and optimized the drop sources.
◆Enhanced the Hard and Supreme difficulties for some Storyline stages.

◆Proto Spirit Bow Fragment: optimized the weapon skill’s action when connected to other actions.
◆Fixed an issue with Yae Sakura’s voiceovers when using certain weapon skills.
◆Optimized the visual effects for some weapons and characters.
◆Reduced [Sakura Blossom]’s blade wave cooldown from 5.5 seconds to 4.8 seconds.

Adjusted some enemies to improve Captains’ battle experience.

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