[Poem of Dancing Flames]


Welcome to the new version of Honkai Impact 3 [Poem of Dancing Flames]!
Battleship Hyperion upgrade completed! Thank you Captains for your patience. Ai-chan has already sent a compensation reward of 300 crystals (requires Captain Lv.6+) and 1 Stamina Potion via in-game mail. Please collect the rewards as soon as possible. (Please be sure to login and claim it before May 25th, 04:00 (GMT+8), otherwise, you will miss the rewards)
Part 1. Update content:
1. New Character Debut
Theresa's S-rank battlesuit [Celestial Hymn] and Yae Sakura's A-rank battlesuit [Flame Sakitama] join the fray!
◆ S-rank Valkyrie [Celestial Hymn]: Ranged creature type character, with a large number of team damage buff skills and black hole ultimate that pulls the enemies together.
◆ A-rank Valkyrie [Flame Sakitama]: Valkyrie Bladestrike's awakened form. She is a creature type character that focuses on skills with technique, delivering massive fire damage in melee combat and strong suppression abilities.
◆Captains can obtain and unlock the new Valkyries via the following methods:
1) The  [Celestial Hymn] and [Flame Sakitama] Expansion Supply that will be available May 18th, 12:00 noon ~ May 31st, 12:00 noon (GMT+8).
After the Expansion Supply is over, [Celestial Hymn] will be added to the Standard Supply pool on the afternoon of May 31st.

* Reminder: awakened characters do not appear in Standard Supply crates; before the end of the Expansion Supply, [Celestial Hymn] character cards or fragments will not appear in Standard Supply.
2) Collecting Souls: The souls of [Flame Sakitama] can be exchanged in the Shrine Exchange, found in Open World game mode.
2. Story Chapter 6 Now Opened
◆ Battle together with Kiana, who secretly followed Theresa into a battle of the 2nd Honkai War, as well as the enemy she encountered along the way, Cecilia! They chased the 2nd Herrscher to in front of the Babylon Laboratory in Siberia, where the story continues...
◆ Chapter 6 contains four sections and three difficulty levels. The first section will open on May 18th, 04:00 (GMT+8).
◆ Captains must first clear the last stage of Chapter 5 on Normal difficulty before they can enter Chapter 6.
3. Matrix Raid
◆ Matrix Raid:
New Normal Matrix Raid stages will be open from May 18th, 04:00 ~ June 1st; Nightmare Mode will open on June 15th, (GMT+8). A new Monster Album function has been added in the battle preparation menu for RAID stages, allowing Captains to view detailed info regarding the monsters they will encounter.
4. St. Freya's Dormitory Update
◆ New furniture: Added a new set of Japanese style furniture - Ukiyo Machiya.
Also, the illustrations of the furniture such as Jade Pavilion are unlocked and can be built using the Black Cat Stamps.
◆ New members: added move-in procedures for new members, including: Nohime, Sakamoto Ryoma, Lady Chacha, Schrodinger, and Knight Moonlight. New interactions and dorm events were also added.
5. Version Featured Content
The new version adds the Featured menu. Captains can tap the icon at the bottom right of the bridge to enter the featured mission interface. Complete the corresponding tasks to receive generous rewards, including [Trinity Crystal Shards].

6. Equipment Updates
◇ The armory has been updated with new equipment to assist in the [Honkai] war!
New Weapon: 11th Sacred Relic, Demon Blade Florid Sakura

New stigma: Kallen Hymn

7. Other Updates
◆ Matrix Raid:
New Normal Matrix Raid stages will be open from May 18th, 04:00 ~ June 1st; Nightmare Mode will open on June 15th, (GMT+8). A new Monster Album function has been added in the battle preparation menu for RAID stages, allowing Captains to view detailed info regarding the monsters they will encounter. In addition, all RAID stages have been adjusted to stay open all day. Each featured raid will be available on cycle.
◆ Memorial Arena has been updated with new bosses.
◆ Accumulate a total top-up value of 50,000 crystals to immediately receive the Starry Furniture Set.
◆ Accumulate a total top-up value of 100,000 crystals to receive 1 Golden HOMU King Emblem and Starlight Ribbon (avatar frame).
◆ A new Technique Rating scoring system has been added to Hard and Supreme Story stages, as well as single Boss Warning stages, which will provide evaluations and scores in real time based on the Captain’s performance. When the score is calculated, Captains will receive a stage score and coin rewards based on the battle score as well as the number of monsters in the stage. The higher the final score, the more coins that will be rewarded (up to 20%).

8. Game Optimization
a) Hide VFX
◆ Added an option to hide visual effects and damage numbers, go to Settings - Other settings to turn these options off.

b) Sensei-Cadet System Optimization
◆ New Sensei Star Rating
◆ Cadet Examination Trial Phase has had its Crystal reward increased.
◆ Sensei's Trial Mission does not require the Cadet to play co-op with the Sensei anymore.

c) Shop Optimization
◆ Lightning Empress Fragments have been added to the War Treasury.
◆ Number of exchanges for Knight Moonbeam Fragments in the War Treasure has been increased from 4 to 5.
◆ One slot has been added to the Exchange House.
◆ Logistics Terminal has been added to the Materials purchase list.
◆ Shop's exchange limit has been increased for most items.
◆ Low Star EXP Materials and 1-Star Upgrade Materials can now be purchased with Gold.
◆ Dormitory Level-up items are all being converted to Furniture Assembly Materials, all your Technology Parts will be removed, and be converted to Furniture Assembly Materials at a 1:1 ratio.
◆ Trinity Crystal Shard has been added to the Cooperation Shop, 3 Trinity Crystal Shards can be converted into a Honkai Crystal
◆ In Armada Commission Quests, when leveling up Base Buildings, or Enhancing Equipment, if you don't have enough Materials, there is not a shortcut that will take you to the according Shop and automatically select the items your need.

d) Mission Optimization
◆ Daily login mission has been added.
◆ New clearing missions have been added for Captains Lv.15
◆ Stamina missions now start at Lv.10, down from Lv.20.
◆ Removed the low level duty point limits (100 and 150).
◆ Added a second round of Weekly Missions, also increased missions' reward.
◆ Probability of getting Matrix and Raid Bounty Missions is now based on level.
◆ Added new Armada Commission, Purchase Item, Exchange Gold missions for Captains Lv.20 and below,
◆ High level furniture crates found in Weekly missions have been replaced with Black Cat Stamps.
◆ Weekly missions have been changed to increase Duty Points, Black Cat Stamps have been moved to Daily Duty Point rewards.
◆ Dorm Common Coins, Black Cat Stamps, Home Materials and 1 Hour Speed-up Card have all been added to the Daily Duty Points reward.
◆ More Daily Missions to choose from, making it easier for everyone to hit the Daily Duty Points reward.

e) Armada Optimization
◆ Dark Xuanyuan has been removed from the Armada Bosses.
◆ Challenge Attempts have been lowered from 5 to 3, Boss HP also has been reduced to 60% of the original value.
◆ Armada Boss opening time has been changed to 18:00 to 24:00 (It's 19:00 to 21:00 at the moment)

f) Beginner Optimization
◆ More Low-star Upgrade Materials in the early levels..
◆ Present a low-level player home construction acceleration card.
◆ Low-level captains have added tips to use the experience acceleration card.

g) Storyline Optimization
◆ The destiny and inverse entropy imaginary core drop rate increase.
◆ In difficult mode, the number of falling pieces of broken pieces increases.
◆ A-rank and B-rank character's shard clearance rate increase. The Story difficulty mode must drop 1 A-level character fragment 3 times, and the Supreme mode must drop 1 A-level character fragment 2 times.

9. Bug Fixes

======Valkyrie Related======
◆Valkyrie Pledge
Fixed an issue with missing voiceovers when using the costume with no head covering.

Fixed an issue where the weapon would not display properly when Valkyrie Chariot, Snowy Sniper, and Black Nucleus were set as team leader.

◆Sakuno Rondo Buffs and Optimizations
1. The amount of SP immediately consumed upon activating her ultimate has been reduced from 30 to 20.
2. A new mechanic has been added to the "Detonation" skill: when not in Sakura Soul status, if Foxfire successfully triggers Sakura Brands, then she will recover SP. (Up to 5 SP when fully upgraded)
3. The final damage of Ember has been increased from 180 to 450 and fixed an issue where the fire damage would only be triggered up to 2 times rather than the full 3 times per the description.

◆Yae Sakura & Himeko & Valkyrie Ranger & Knight Moonbeam Buffs
Changes were made to Valkyrie Ranger & Knight Moonbeam, all Yae Sakura and Himeko attack range, they now can properly hit monsters laying on the ground.

Fixed an issue where Theresa's Cross was off-position on the victory screen animation.

◆Knight Moonbeam
Fixed an issue where Knight Moonbeam would have inconsistent Team Skills' icons in the Co-op ready-up menu and in-game.

◆Yamabuki Armor
When Yamabuki Armor uses its ultimate, now properly interrupts its current attack (all sorts of cannon, charging cannons or missiles will now automaticaly shoot based on their current cannon phase).

======Equipment Related======
◆Sakura Blossom stats have been increased.
◆All equipment and all character skills that reduce damage taken passively now share a limit up to a maximum of 85%.
◆Optimized some weapons' model, skills' icon, weapons' name and weapons' description.
◆The Stigma Nuwa (T) now has the following stat added: "When attacking an ignited target, all damage increased by 20%".
◆Xuanyuan's Sword skill numbers have been increased, also made some changes to the weapon's active and passive skills

◆Pledge of Sakura Buffs and Fixes
Passive Skill "Sakura Slash" now has a 100% chance to trigger, up from 60%.
Fixed an issue where Violet Executor, Sakuno Rondo equipped Pledge of Sakura, and weren't able to trigger the weapon's passive skill when in the Burst state.

◆Sakura Blossom Buffs
Active Skill: Changed from adding a stack of Sakura Count to adding Sakura Brand, but can no longer be charged 2 times.
Passive Skill: When the returning blade hits an enemy, the blade wave's cooldown will be immediately reset. Blade wave no longer requires Sakura Count or Sakura Brand to deal extra damage.

◆7th Sacred Relic Buffs
Active Skill doesn't consume SP anymore. Maxed level passive skill Sacred Rule cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, passive skill Sacred Rule now has a increase Critical Rate effect.

◆Blood Embrace
Fixed an issue where opening a 5-Star Blood Embrace would still show its 4-Star appearance.

Fixed an issue with Rinaldo (T) & Rinaldo (M) actual radius was 2.5 meters, but only 2 meters was shown.

======Monster Balance Changes======
◆Changed the location of waves created by Titan enemies' smash,
◆Sickle Zombies behavior improved, they will no longer perform a strange backstep and hit nothing.
◆Supreme Modules hit by interruptible combos will not consistently fall back anymore.
◆Fixed an issue where Valkyries would be drawn towards Titan enemies' front side after they have used a charged smash attack.
◆Fixed Hasty Honkai Beasts' hitbox, they can now be attacked normally during some of their attack animation.

======Open World======
◆Fixed an issue where the extra damage from assassination moves would alert nearby enemies.
◆Fixed the size of some of the Exorcism Missions stages found in Open World's Celestial Pavillion.

======Other Changes======
◆Fixed some of the visual effects in stages.
◆Valkyries will no longer be battle restricted while on adventures.
◆Fixed an issue where some of the Dorm moving in procedure missions couldn't be completed.
◆Fixed an issue where the characters' would disappear after wearing certain costumes.
◆You are no longer restricted when using a Frenzy Chip if you Captain level is higher than the recommended level.
◆Captains below Lv.30 now receive an extra 100% experience when clearing stages.
◆Desert Eagle and Hannah Stigma equipment missions found in Challenge Missions can now be completed by any star level.
◆Desert Eagle and Hannah Stigma upgrade missions found in Challenge Missions can now be completed when exceeding the mission's objective.
◆Shio Ramen is now unlucked by default.
◆Memorial Arena now has a new tier reward when achieving 30000 points.
◆Limited-time Stamina collect time has been extended to 11:00-14:00, 18:00-21:00.
◆Added a new fast enhance feature, when pressing enhance, players are now able to enhance directly.
◆Optimized Infinity Abyss monster spawns.

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