NEW ABYSS: Preview and opening notice


Captain! To enhance your experiences, HQ has included a series of changes to the Infinity Abyss in the new update. Join Ai-chan as we explore what changes have been made.

To accommodate the Infinity Abyss updates, HQ will be temporarily shutting down the Infinity Abyss for this period:  August 14, 15:00 ~ August 20, 22:00 GMT+8 (for a total of 2 rounds). For the 7 days while Infinity Abyss is down, Captains will be compensated with 100 Crystals per day for a total of 700 Crystals (available to captains who are Level 25 or higher).
Infinity Abyss finalization rewards for the session of August 10 ~ 12 will be issued as per normal. Please remember to pick them up before August 13, 23:59 GMT+8.
The system will refer to Infinity Abyss tiers and promotion results finalized on August 12 to determine starting groups for the upcoming new version of the Infinity Abyss. Your progress (grouping and floors) will also be retained for the new Infinity Abyss version. Should the Honkai devs be unable to retain progress data, they will notify you in advance to provide other compensation.

1. Improved Infinity Abyss Rewards
More Crystals will be rewarded to captains based on level grouping, floors lost, and group divisions.
a) Added the Tier mechanism. The new Abyss will divide captains into 3 Level Tiers: Beginner (Lv. 25-55), Intermediate (Lv. 56-69), and Advanced (Lv. 70-80). Group division rules are provided in the following: Beginner tier: 4 group divisions; Intermediate tier: 4 group divisions; and Advanced tier: 5 group divisions (with the Infinite Division).
b) Total layers for the updated Infinity Abyss: Beginner tier: 15 layers; Intermediate tier: 20 layers; and Advanced tier: 25 layers.
c) After the update, with the exception of the Red Lotus Abyss, other Abysses will be providing more Crystals in the reward! In other words, you will be awarded with more Crystals while fighting through less layers. Demotion rewards from the Infinite Division have been increased from 360 Crystals to 500 Crystals.

*List of rewarded Crystals before and after the update

2. Lifestyle improvements and reduced difficulty
a) Added level skipping mechanics. Captains who clear a layer within 60s can skip 1 layer. Layer skipping limits: Beginner: 9 layers; Intermediate: 12 layers; and Advanced: 15 layers.
*1. Layer skipping level countdown indicator.
*2. Abyss health burn indicator. Health burn levels will increase and you lose more HP as you spend more time in a layer.
b) Changed Abyss Boss distribution. Boss layers are reduced by 1 for lifestyle improvements and reduced difficulty.

3. Enhanced gaming experience in deeper Abyss layers
a) Quitting the Abyss halfway through the fight will not deduct Valkyrie HP to address the issue where some captains are forced to restart the entire Abyss from the first layer.
b) Adjusted enemy types and greatly reduced their attack to prevent Valkyries from getting insta-killed at deeper Abyss layers. You can now actually afford to slip up (every now and then) without losing the entire thing.

4. Improved friendliness to mid- to lower-level captains.
The version update now divide captains into tiers. Captains in the Intermediate and Beginner tiers will no longer be affected by high level captains. Total layer count has been reduced. Layer requirements for the Promote and Maintain brackets have been reduced. Given the larger amount of Crystals in the rewards, these features will now allow intermediate- and beginner-tier captains to earn more Crystals with less time.

5. Temperature Adjustments
a) Temperature will not change when the Abyss is open. After finalization, the system will refer to activity level and stage completion speeds of captains participating in that round to adjust the temperature accordingly.
b) Abyss will not inherit the temperature of a different, previous Abyss. Temperatures will be determined separately.

6. New Functions
a) Tap on the “magnifying glass” icon next to the captain to check the lineup used.
b) Get additional rewards when you clear the required number of layers!