Blazing Flames


Welcome to the Honkai Impact 3 new version update: Blazing Flames!
Battleship upgrades are now complete. Thank you for your patience, Captain! Maintenance compensation comprising 300 Crystals (for Lv.6 or higher captains) and Stamina Potion 1 has been mailed to you, Captain! Please pick them up ASAP (log in to the game and claim the reward before August 24, 04:00 (GMT+8); expired rewards will no longer be available).

Part1. Update Contents

1. All-new character deployed
Fu Hua's S-rank battlesuit Phoenix and Theresa's A-rank battlesuit Luna Kindred are now deployed!
◆S-rank battlesuit Phoenix: Psychic-type hybrid melee character. Offers a variety of combo attacks and super cool ultimates. Her attacks also deal bonus fire damage to enemies hit. Everything shall be consumed by the divine flames.
◆A-rank battlesuit Luna Kindred: This Creature-type battlesuit is the soul-awakened form of Valkyrie Pledge.  Luna Kindred can easily switch between dual blades for dealing quick, flexible, fluid attack sequences or her great battle ax to suppress the enemies. She can also gain various buffs by attacking bleeding enemies.
◆ Captains can use the following means to acquire and unlock the new Valkyries:
1) Expansion Supply for Phoenix and Luna Kindred will be available during August 17, 12:00 Noon ~ August 27, 12:00 Noon (GMT+8).
Once the Expansion Supply ends after August 27 Noon, Phoenix will be available in Standard Supply.

*Reminder: Please take note of the event time. During the Expansion Supply, using Standard Supply will not drop Phoenix Character Card or Phoenix Fragment. Luna Kindred is a soul-awakened character, and will not be available through Standard Supply.
Collecting Fragments: Phoenix Fragment can be acquired through [The Forgotten] Extra stages and Version Theme activities available for v2.4. Luna Kindred Soul can be acquired by participating in game activities or game modes.
PS: Captains can get up to 30 Phoenix Shards in v2.4.

2. Fu Hua's Extra [The Forgotten] launched
Duration: August 17, 04:00 ~ September 27, 04:00 (GMT+8)
◆ Personal encounters and long-lost friends... what other secrets are hidden within memories from thousands of years ago?
◆ The Extra includes Story Mode (available at Lv.20 or higher) and Challenge Mode (available at Lv.30 or higher). The Challenge Mode is divided into 3 difficulty levels.
◆ Clearing the Fu Hua extra will provide S-rank Phoenix Fragments. Story Mode and Challenge Mode (Frightful Difficulty) are now available. Feel free to test your mettle in these stages.

3. Honkai Chronicles - Past Extra Chapters Now Available
Duration: August 17, 04:00 ~ September 27, 04:00 (GMT+8)
◆ Enter the Sealed Realms to uncover the legend behind the Xuanyuan Sword. Explore the everlasting memories of the clone bound to her pledge.
Past battles etched within the memories of the Valkyries and Valkyrie Chronicles are available for extended periods of time!
◆ The Chronicles will allow Captains to re-experience extra stages for various characters. Chronicles released for this round include: Chapter Xuanyuan, Chapter Chiyou, and Theresa's Everlasting Memory. These Chronicle stages are divided into Story Mode and Challenge Mode.
◆ Clearing the Honkai Chronicles Story Mode provides a reward of one 3-star stigmata set: Ryunosuke Akutagawa in addition to other rewards that include Valkyrie fragments, Crystals, Coins, Imaginary Cores, and 4-star Equipment.
◆ Path to access Honkai Chronicles: Bridge -> Attack -> World Map (bottom right) -> Extra -> Honkai Chronicles

4. Total Onslaught
◆ The fight against Schicksal is on! The Alliance has initiated a full-scale attack against every area of the target battlefield.
◆ Total Onslaught will be launched for the duration of v2.4. The Game Mode refreshes every Thursday at 04:00 (GMT+8).
◆ In Total Onslaught, Captains must deploy a number of teams to challenge every enemy, and earn scores to receive various rewards.
◆ Path to access Total Onslaught: Bridge -> Attack -> World Map (bottom right) -> Extra -> Total Onslaught.
Phase 1: August 17, 10:00 ~ August 24, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv.56, and Lv.70.
Phase 2: August 24, 04:00 ~ August 31, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv.56, and Lv.70.
Phase 3: August 31, 04:00 ~ September 7, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv. 56, and Lv. 70.
Phase 4: September 7, 04:00 ~ September 14, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv. 56, and Lv. 70.
Phase 5: September 14, 04:00 ~ September 20, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv. 56, and Lv. 70.
Phase 6: September 21, 04:00 ~ September 28, 04:00 (GMT+8) Lv. 40, Lv. 56, and Lv. 70.

5. Co-op Stage duration
Soul Throne and Squad Snowwolf
August 17, 04:00 ~ August 31, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Matrix Raid, Squad Snowwolf
August 31, 04:00 ~ September 14, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Soul Throne, Matrix Raid
September 14, 04:00 ~ September 27, 03:59 (GMT+8)

6. Secret Mission Schedules
Special Ops - Kiana: August 17, 10:00 ~ August 31, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Special Ops Real - Kiana: August 24, 10:00 ~ August 31, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Special Ops - Himeko: August 31, 10:00 ~ September 14, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Special Ops Real - Himeko: September 7, 10:00 ~ September 14, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Special Ops - Theresa: September 14, 10:00 ~ September 27, 03:59 (GMT+8)
Special Ops Real - Theresa: September 21, 10:00 ~ September 27, 03:59 (GMT+8)

7. Equipment updates
◇ Arsenal updates: All-new equipment designed to turn the tide in the Honkai War.
New weapon: Cinder Hawk
New stigmata: Gustav Klimt, Jin Shengtan, and Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

8. St. Freya's Dormitory Updates
◆ Added equipment completion notices to the dorm and a Red Stamina Can icon when there are available Stamina to claim.
◆ Resident limit is set to 10 in the beginning. Unlocking the second bedroom will add another 5 to resident limit.
◆ New residency applications added: Higokumaru, Kepler, Nagamitsu, and Lucia.
◆ Honkai Blocks (originally Black Cat Stamps) reward from triggering random events in the Dorm has been raised to 3 (originally 2). There's also a 30% chance for dropping 1 Home Material.
◆ Optimized Comfort calculations.
Dorm Comfort is now based on furniture collection and renovation level. After the update, Comfort will no longer be determined by whether or not a furniture is displayed or not. The system now calculates the maximum Comfort that can be achieved according to the amount of placeable furniture for the Dorm level and the most comfortable furniture available.
Captains can now increase their Comfort by simply getting higher Comfort furniture, and will not have to place said furniture in their room.
◆ Dorm Comfort can provide bonus Honkai energy to the Honkai Powercore at the Dorm.
◆ More Valkyries (include Black Nucleus) can now stay in the Dorm.

9. Game adjustments
◆ Expansion Supply
1) Expansion Supply now includes a progress bar for the 100-Supply Drop Guarantee for S-rank Valkyries.
In Expansion Supply, Captains will receive the featured S-rank Valkyrie after making 100 Supply Drops. Captains can check the Expansion Supply screen to check the remaining number of drops for the S-rank Valkyrie guarantee to trigger.
2) When the featured S-rank Valkyrie of the Expansion Supply is received through the supply drop, the drop counter is reset (to 100).
In the v2.4 Expansion Supply, changes to the Expansion Supply pool will not reset the guarantee progress counter.
Unlike the A-rank or higher Valkyrie drop guarantee for the 10x Expansion Supply, progress for the 100 drop Expansion Supply guarantee for S-rank Valkyries will be passed on to the next round of Expansion Supply, and will not be affected by the closing or starting of each round of Expansion Supply (the guaranteed drop will be the S-rank Valkyrie for the given round of Expansion Supply). The counter for the 10x Expansion Supply guarantee for A-rank or higher Valkyrie will be determined independently for each round of supplies.
In other words, if a Captain's Expansion Supply screen showed "Guaranteed S-rank Valkyrie within 20 drops" in the previous round of Expansion Supply, when this round of Expansion Supply starts, said Captain can still get the S-rank Valkyrie featured for this round of Expansion Supply within 20 drops.

◆ Added function where game can be paused to check combo move lists. Simply pause the combat to check the list.
◆ Optimized the Technique Rating combat scoring system.
◆ Fixed damage number toggle display issue.
◆ Added dynamic difficulty for Co-op Mode, and made it easier for low-level players to create a team.
◆ Added a status bar with relevant icons in the combat UI. The status bar allows Captains to check skill CD and status durations.
1) Added the "Status List" to the Pause screen that provides descriptions of the status bar icons.
2) Added "Status Bar Switch" under "Other Settings". Captains can use this to either show or hide the Status Bar icons during combat.

◆ Raised the daily purchase limit for Fox Masks and Lanterns at the Offering Shop.
◆ Gyakushinn Miko Fragments are now redeemed from the Offering Shop using Argentite (instead of Tengu Fire).
◆ There is a chance for the Armada Shop to offer advanced skill materials for sale.
◆ New exchangeables for Witness of Darkmoon: 1-hour Construction Speed Boost Card.
◆ Master's Shop v2.4 now provides a limited-time offering of advanced skill materials.

======Infinity Abyss======
◆ Added Burning Heart Abyss: a new Infinity Abyss theme.
◆ Removed trap-type items from the Abyss, such as Banana Peels, Frailty Potion, and Toxic Trap. In addition to Vitality Potion, new buffing potions have been added: Frenzy Potion and Elemental Potion. These potions offer immense power.
◆ Captains can now check lineups used by other Captains in the Abyss. Lineup details will show the characters, weapons, stigmata, as well as equipment star levels.
◆ Optimized a number of Abyss maps to restrict the size of the battlefield.
◆ Added an option at the Shop to exchange Witness of Blacksun for rare crystal cores at a ratio of 1:2.
◆ Leaving the Infinity Abyss halfway through will no longer reduce HP. Captains can select a different lineup when they attempt the stage again.
◆ Reduced the ATK of monsters at higher floors of the Infinity Abyss.
◆ Added a usage limit for bomb items. Captains can only use these items against other Captains at a nearby floor.
◆ The 20 Captains at the same group will challenge the same enemy lineup at the same floor.

◆ Optimized the main screen of the Base. Added a new sub-tab "Base" to the original "Base" screen.
◆ Added the Quick Dispatch function to Base Adventure. Captains can simply tap this button once to dispatch Valkyries who meet the adventure requirements.
◆ Added the Story Expedition Battle: Captains can now dispatch Valkyries to story stages that drop Valkyrie fragments for easy farming. Expedition will use up Stamina and stage attempts. There is a daily limit to the amount of Stamina used for expeditions.
◆ Coins can now be directly acquired from the Base screen. There is no enter the Base directly to claim them.
◆ Dorm Directory can now be directly opened from the Base screen.
◆ Raised the level limit of the Honkai Powercore at the Base.

◆ Captains can now check on the statuses of other team mates in the Prepare screen.
◆ If the Team Leader fails to start the game within 30s after all members are prepared, the system will transfer the leadership to another player.
◆ A countdown (CD) timer will start after the battle ends. Finalization will be automatically completed with the CD ends.
◆ Players can check co-op combat records after clearing the stage.
◆ Co-op Raid stages now remember characters who have been selected before.

======Raid Stage======
◆ Increased the amount of Glowing Jade drops for repeated clearance of any Raid stages (except for the Snow Wolf nightmare raid).
◆ Glowing Jade drops for repeatedly clearing Matrix Raid stages have been raised to at least 3.
◆ Glowing Jade star-level rewards for Matrix Raid stages on Normal have been raised to 8, 12, and 17 (originally at 5, 9, and 13).

======Memorial Arena======
◆ Added the Boss Dark Ji Xuanyuan to the Memorial Arena.
◆ At the Memorial Arena screen, current score is now displayed next to the Score Reward.
◆ Added a Confirm button at the Stage Finalization and Cycle Finalization.
◆ Captains can now attempt the Memorial Arena at any time while it is open.
◆ Memorial Arena Benares:
1) Updated the background music (BGM). The BGM will switch when Benares transforms.
2) Updated the transform mechanism: Transforming will take place immediately when Benares's HP changes. A cue will happen before transformation. HP will slightly decrease in the Magical Dragon form.
◆ Memorial Arena Himeko: Optimized overall display of Himeko.
◆ Memorial Arena Jizo Mitama: Reduced the ATK and DEF of S-rank and SS-rank Jizo Mitama.
◆ Reduced the ATK and DEF of all C-rank and B-rank bosses at the low level tier.

======Open World======
◆ Removed the screen shake effect caused by Higokumaru's skills.
◆ Open World collection materials now respawn 1 time per week (down from 3 times). Total quantity of materials remains unchanged.
Open World update compensation will be issued within 2 working days after version update. Compensation mail will be sent to captains who reach Lv.30 before August 16, 12:00 Noon (GMT+8), so be sure to pick them up!
◆ Added a [Companion Switch] for Open World. You can choose to have Higokumaru tag along or leave her behind. Even if you decide to leave her behind, you can still make use of Higokumaru’s companion skills.

◆ White Comet
QTE starting DMG: 375%+168→375%+450. Figures at maxed levels are not changed.

◆ Crimson Impulse
QTE starting DMG: 225%+200%→225%+275%. Figures at maxed levels are not changed.
Canceled the Instant Dash CD limitation. Extended the Dash distance.

◆ Shadow Dash
Reduced the Valkyrie rank requirement for unlocking Crescent Spin.

◆ Valkyrie Ranger
Fixed the error in DMG multiplier against frozen enemies in the Critical Mastery skill description.

◆ Ritual Imayoh
Reduced the frequency of action-triggered lines spoken by the Valkyrie.

◆ Wolf's Dawn
Adjusted the dodge skill so that dodge CD only begins after triggering Time Fracture.

◆ Fu Hua
Adjusted the Attack Speed system of all Fu Hua characters to make Attack Speed buffs more pronounced.

◆ Yamabuki Armor
Fixed the Energy Overload skill Crit Rate reduction glitch of Yamabuki Armor. Skill is changed to: Final Crit Rate of all attacks by the character is reduced to 90% of current levels (max at 50%).

◆ Himeko
1) Every Himeko battlesuit can now evade 2 consecutive times.
2) Shortened the time it takes to start sprinting.
3) Improved the fluidity of Attack animation for a number of statuses.
4) Improved attack turning rates.

◆ Battle Storm
1) Shortened time required for charging. Increased DMG multiplier at max charge. Max charge can now be held for 2s (up from 1.5s).
2) Allows character switching or evade in non-charged attack sequence.
3) [Frontal Assault] skill bonuses now also apply for attacks unleashed between charged attack sequences (1st and 2nd sequences).
4) Raised the stun chance for the skill [Crush].
5) Increased the instantaneous pull-in effect of the ultimate skill, and shortened the knock back distance for the final hit of the ultimate.
6) 1st hit of an uncharged basic attack is now corrected to 180% (originally 150%).

◆ Scarlet Fusion
1) Allows character switching or evasion in the 3-hit sequence.
2) Removed the Weaken debuff after the ultimate skill [Nexus Unlock].
3) Skill [Load Release] has been renamed to [Plasma Fracture]: Under Burst mode, light blades from the 3-hit sequence can inflict bleeding on the enemy.
4) Triggering the skill [Fusion Blow] now unleashes an explosion dealing damage based on ATK percentage and paralyzes the enemy.
5) Extended the range of the spinning blades (front-back direction).
6) Shortened the overall frame rate loss time when hitting the enemy.

◆ Valkyrie Triumph
1) Optimized Switch and QTE skills and reduced the likelihood of misses due to low frame rates.
2) Allows character switching or evasion in the 3-hit sequence or charged attack sequence.
3) For the skill [Critical Cleave], added the "charged attack deals more Physical DMG to enemies with no shields".
4) Raised the DMG multiplier for the QTE skill.

◆ Blood Rose
1) Shortened the time required for basic attack charging. Allows character switching or evasion in the first 3 hits of the basic attack or charged attack sequence (and the first 3 hits of the Blood Order attack sequence).
2) Extended the range of the follow-up attack of the aerial vertical cleaves of the ultimate.
3) The fixed Fire DMG of the skills [Flame Explosion], [Burning Blood], and [Flame Step] has been changed to Fire DMG based on ATK percentage. The figures have been changed accordingly.
4) Expanded the AOE for determining enemy ignition when casting the ultimate skill.
5) Evade and Slash skill effect now includes: "Hitting the enemy gain 5SP to self".
6) Optimized hit determination for the 3-hit sequence and the first 3 hits of the charged attack sequence and ultimate attack sequence so as to reduce the chance of missing at low frame rates.

◆ Valkyrie Pledge
1) Shortened charging time for the charged attack.
2) Fixed the CD glitch for the skill [Lightning Spear].

◆ Sakuno Rondo
1) Lowered the minimum SP requirement to 80 (originally 100) for the skill [Ballistic Sakura].
2) Raised attack Interrupt stats of the character during burst mode.
3) The fixed Fire DMG of the skills [Don't Touch My Ears] and [Ember] has been changed to Fire DMG based on ATK percentage. The figures have been changed accordingly.

◆ Violet Executor
1) Raised the bleed chance of the passive skill [Spear Charge]. Chance now maxes at 25%.
2) Shortened charging time for the charged attack.
3) Raised the chance for the passive skill [Steel Tempest] at max level to 50% (originally 25%).
4) Extended the duration of the passive skill effect [Blood Maiden] to 4.5s (originally 3.1s).
5) Changed the passive skill effect of [Body Break] to "to enemies with no shield" (originally: enemies with broken elite shield).
6) SSS-rank skill [Hemorrhagic Shock] is now unlocked at S-rank.
7) Added the SSS-rank skill [Arbiter]. The skill raises the Crit Rate of the 4th hit of the ultimate attack.
8) Expanded the AOE of the DMG of the skill [Justice That Insult The Injury].
9) Optimized the skill description of the ultimate [Execute Mode], and listed the DMG multiplier.
10) Expanded the AOE of the DMG dealt upon casting the ultimate.
11) The last hit of the 4-hit attack sequence under ultimate mode is now the same as other attacks of said sequence, and does not knock back the enemy.

◆ Yae Sakura
Added Yae Sakura VO for changing her attire.

◆ Goushinnso Memento
Improved the fluidity of launching attacks after casting the Switch or QTE skill.

◆ Einstein (stigmata): Revised a number of skills of Einstein (stigmata).
◆ Yae Sakura (stigmata): Added Blade Reversal bonuses.
◆ Jingwei (stigmata): Added stigmata skills. Jingwei (M): Added Fire DMG bonuses to the combo and charged attacks. Jingwei (B): Added healing buffs when character is undeployed. Added Fire Mark criteria for the 2-pc set.
◆ Michelangelo (stigmata): Optimized text descriptions to make them more accurate.
◆ Schrodinger Band (stigmata): Optimized text descriptions to make them more accurate.
◆ Mary Shelley (stigmata): Raised team healing abilities of Frankenstein Mode to 2% per second (originally: 1% per second).
◆ Changed text descriptions of all stigmata. Introduced abbreviations for readability and game terms to better reflect what the stigmata actually do.
◆ Dracula (stigmata) 2-pc set effect: Criteria for summoning the kindred is now changed to "when landing a crit hit" (originally: when killing an enemy). Kindred now lasts 10s (originally: 60s).

◆ 2nd Sacred Relic (weapon): Added a new buff: gain Crit DMG for every 25 SP currently owned.
◆ Thunder Kikaku (weapon): Changed to: Character gains 30% Total DMG Multiplier (originally: attacks gain 30% Lightning DMG).
◆ Sky Breaker (weapon): Impairment effect of active skill changed to 70% (originally: 100%).Duration of the passive paralysis effect has been changed to 3s. Added +15% Total DMG Multiplier for attacks against paralyzed or impaired enemies.
◆ Plasma Kagehide (weapon): Active skill DMG raised to 1000 (originally: 880). Reduced SP cost to 10 (originally: 20). Shortened CD to 15s (originally: 25s). Raised bonus Ice DMG for hits dealt to 50 (originally: 24). Added the skill effect: "Gains 20% Total DMG Multiplier against frozen or slowed enemies."
◆ Fafnir Flame (weapon): Reduced active skill SP cost to 15 (originally: 25). Shortened CD to 10s (originally: 20s). Raised explosion DMG to 240% (originally: 115%). Raised Ignition DMG to 400 (originally: 160). Added the skill effect: when the character is hit or performs ultimate evasion, triggers an explosion immediately (CD: 5s).
◆ Cyclops PRI (weapon): Added skill effect: when the 3rd charged sequence cannon shot hits, deals 200% Physical DMG to the target and surrounding enemies (CD: 5s).
◆ Usurper's Cannon (weapon): Added passive effect: gain 15% Move Speed.
◆ Nitro Crystal (weapon): Changed the skill effect to: gain 20% Physical DMG against frozen enemies.
◆ Divine Key weapons: Divine Key weapons now provide special abilities in Co-op Raids.

◆ Changed the Spirit-type monsters. Breaking the shield will dispel her invisibility. She will not be able to enter invisibility while her shield is down.
◆ Fixed the glitch where entities summoned by the Annihilation Spirit may appear outside the battle area.
◆ Adjusted several combat animations of Dark Ji Xuanyuan and Benares, and optimized a number of relevant performances.
◆ Reduced the HP of Sakura Samsara Adventure Lv.25, 27, and 29 bosses by 20%. HP of the broken arm of the Lv.29 boss Assaka is reduced by 40%.

◆ Instead of EXP rewards, cadets now get Honkai Pieces, Coins, or even Crystals for clearing daily Sensei Missions.
◆ Added Reputation rewards for the Sensei.
◆ Reduced the difficulty of a number of Sensei missions.
◆ Removed the Lv.65 restriction for the Sensei's character trial card.

Added "All New Challenges" mission screen for the challenge missions. These missions can be attempted by Lv.30 or higher Captains.

◆ Optimized total top-up bonuses. Captains who made the relevant total top-ups can acquire total top-up bonuses from every tier.
◆ Added quick leveling of Valkyrie skills.
◆ Added batch-use of items.
◆ Special Ops: This new game mode will be released in the new version. Only the specified character can participate in the Special Ops. The deployed Valkyries will share a common HP pool. Please refer to the event announcements for details.
◆ Herrscher's Descent: This new game mode will be available in an intermediate phase of the new version. This is a super challenging stage. Refer to event announcements for more details.
◆ Added pop-up reminders when adjusting graphic quality at the Settings screen.
◆ Adjusted stamina rewards when Captains gain a level. The Honkai devs will also be giving away compensation rewards according to the following: Stamina Potion x10 for Lv.30-55 Captains; Stamina Potion x20 for Lv.56-69 Captains; and Stamina Potion x30 for Lv.70-80 Captains. Compensation mail will be issued after the August 16 updates.
◆ Increased the amount of upgrade materials that can be acquired by salvaging stigmata of lower star levels.
◆ Reduced the cost for developing 4-star event stigmata: Reduced the amount of upgrade materials required and the amount of EXP required by 50%.
◆ Removed the Decoration Material Box drops for the elite floors and boss floors of the Matrix. The adjusted rewards now provide more 4-star equipment EXP materials and Imaginary Cores.
◆ Changed the contents and arrangements of currently available purchase bundles. Weekly Crystal bundles and monthly supply card bundles will no longer be available. Other purchase bundles and contents will replace them.
◆ Exchange House: Added Bronya: Shadow, Nagamitsu, Sin Mal, and Otto Apocalypse.
◆ Changed the prices of EXP materials and other items in the Shop.
◆ Story Chapter 1-2 Supreme difficulty stages rewards now include 3 or 5 Honkai Pieces
◆ Lowered the unlocking level requirement for a number of Story stages.
◆ The item Black Cat Stamps have been replaced with Honkai Blocks.
◆ When out of Stamina, system now prompts the use of Stamina Potion first to make up for the difference.
◆ Captains will get a notice for Stamina gain when leveling up.
◆ Shop now displays a tag indicating that a specific weapon or stigma is already owned.
◆ Fixed bundles now display a tag if the outfit it contains is already owned.
◆ Shop items that can no longer be purchased will be automatically moved to the back of the row.
◆ Optimized album sequencing rules.
◆ Increased character length limit for the chat screen.

◆ Temporarily removed the countdown feature when starting a battle again after pausing.

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