Will of the Herrscher


Welcome to the brand new version of Honkai Impact 3: [Will of the Herrscher]!

Battleship upgrades are now complete. Thank you for your patience, Captain! Maintenance compensation comprising 300 Crystals (for Lv.6 or higher captains) and Stamina Potion *1 has been mailed to you, Captain! Please pick them up ASAP (log in to the game and claim the reward before November 16, 4:00 AM (GMT+8), expired rewards will no longer be available).
Kiana's S-rank awakened battlesuit [Herrscher of the Void] and Himeko's A-rank battlesuit [Kriegsmesser] are now ready for a bloody battle in the new Open World ---- Schicksal HQ!
The brand new activity Time Swirl opens the portal to a vast virtual world beyond reality that harbors hidden treasures!

1. New Character Deployed!
New characters ready for battle: [Herrscher of the Void] & [Kriegsmesser]
◆ Kiana's S-rank Valkyrie [Herrscher of the Void]: Awakened from Knight Moonbeam, Creature-type Valkyrie. Good at mid-range and long-range attacks. Her basic attacks can pull in enemies, generate a Space Core and gather Herrscher Charge. When enough Herrscher Charge is stored, use Charged attack to activate Herrscher Form, which will significantly boost her DPS and agility.
◆ Himeko's A-rank battlesuit [Kriegsmesser]: Awakened from Battle Storm, Psychic-type Valkyrie. Master of controlling ice elements. Perform well under freezing and slowing effects. Gather Threshold through Basic Attack and Evasion. Her battle performance will get a huge boost after activating Threshold Mode.

◆ Captains can acquire and unlock the new Valkyries in the following methods:
Expansion Supply for [Herrscher of the Void] and [Kriegsmesser] will be available from November 9, 12:00 Noon to November 25, 12:00 Noon (GMT+8).
◆ In the duration of Version 2.6, Captains can get [Kriegsmesser] Souls to unlock the character [Kriegsmesser] by completing new event missions and Schicksal HQ Storyline Missions. In addition, [Kriegsmesser] souls can be exchanged in [Open World] - [Schicksal HQ] - [Schicksal Shop].

2. Brand New Open World: Schicksal HQ
Available after the November 8 version update
◆ Brand new Open World: Schicksal HQ is unlocked. Explore the new world and complete adventure tasks to get awesome rewards~
◆ After the November 8 version update, Captains who have reached Lv.50 and cleared the Third Samsara of Sakura Samsara can explore Schicksal HQ.
◆ In Schicksal Shop, which is in Schicksal HQ, Captains can exchange for the following new items: [Phoenix] fragment, [Luna Kindred] soul, [Kriegsmesser] soul, weapon [Selune’s Elegy] and stigmata [Edwin Hubble].

3. The Brand New Activity: Time Swirl
Available after the November 8 version update
◆ The Imaginary Space is a vast virtual world beyond reality that harbors hidden treasures - the brand new activity Time Swirl rears its mysterious head.
◆ Captains who have reached Lv.60 can challenge Time Swirl stages to possibly get equipment drawings. Collect all the materials as described in the drawings to craft rare equipment~
◆ Path to access Time Swirl: Bridge -> Attack -> World Map (bottom right) -> Event -> Time Swirl

4. New Storyline in Summer Memories [Midsummer Dreams] Available
[Duration] November 8 (after the version update) ~ December 5, 4:00 AM (GMT+8)
She descended like the beautiful and enigmatic night, sparkling like the stars themselves. Entrancing light and darkness are blended as one, forming a gentle halo overtaken by the brightness of day.

5. Chronicles: Phoenix's Extra: The Forgotten
Available after the November 8 version update
◆ The Chronicles will allow Captains to experience a lite version of Extra stages for various characters. Chronicles released for this round is Phoenix's Extra: The Forgotten, which is divided into Story Mode and Challenge Mode.
You can get Valkyrie fragments, Crystals, Coins, Imaginary Cores, and 4-star Equipment in Chronicles.
◆ Path to access Chronicles: Bridge -> Attack -> World Map (bottom right) -> Extra -> Chronicles

6. New Outfits
◆ New summer outfits are available: [Aqua Chime] for Lightning Empress and [Summer Party] for Scarlet Fusion.

7. Equipment Updates
◇Arsenal updates: All-new equipment designed to turn the tide in the Honkai War!
◆ New weapons: [Keys of the Void] and [Hrungnir]
◆ New stigmatas: [Edwin Hubble] and [Celine: Ascendant]
Some new equipment can be obtained through exchange, while other new equipment will be obtained in Supply crates and events.

8. Game Adjustments and Optimizations
◆ Report functions has been added in Chat
1) If Captain sees any improper use of language in chat channel, please report to us: [Click the avatar of the target Captain] - [Open his/her personal information screen] - [Click Report button] The system will then record this report info.
2) The system will automatically gag the target Captain if that Captain has been reported multiple times.
3) All the report info will be reviewed by our staff. The gagged Captain will be allowed to chat again if he/she is found innocent.
◆ New items in Memory Shop: the stigmata [Darwin] (T,M,B) and the weapon [Futsunushi-To].
◆ Adjusted level requirement for some functions

After the version update, level requirement for some functions has been adjusted:
1) Level requirement for Armada has been raised from Lv.10 to Lv.17;
2) Level requirement for daily missions has been raised from Lv.10 to Lv.14;
3) Level requirement for Valkyries' Training Camp has been raised from Lv.15 to Lv.22;
4) Level requirement for Dorm has been raised from Lv.11 to Lv.12;
5) Level requirement for Friends system has been raised from Lv.1 to Lv.9;
6) Level requirement for chat channel has been raised from Lv.1 to Lv.9;

◆ Visual display of Status Bar has been optimized.
1) Adjusted the color display in Status Bar: Yellow denotes the duration of skills, Blue denotes the skill CD.
2) Skills of some characters, weapons and stigmatas can be displayed in Status Bar.
3) Fixed the display bug of Status Bar in Co-op Mode.
◆ Captains can now check the updated contents before the version update.

◆ A remake of Story Chapters 1 and 2.
Story Chapters 1 and 2 have been completely remade! Head back to the Valkyries' very first missions: completely overhauled to re-ignite your passions!

◆ Let us join hands together and fight for all that is beautiful in the world, now and forever more!
1) Story plots, CG and character dubbing have been completely remade.
2) Reduce the number of stages in Story Chapters 1 & 2 at Normal difficulty. (The number of stages at Hard and Supreme difficulty remains unchanged)
Don't worry, Captain! The total amount of EXP you gain from clearing the remade stages remains unchanged.

And since the number of stages has been reduced, we will send the missing rewards to Captains via mail:
1) Before the Version 2.6 update, all unclaimed Challenge Rewards of the deleted stages at Normal difficulty;
2) Before the Version 2.6 update, all unclaimed Challenge Completion Chests of the deleted stages at Normal difficulty;
3) Before the Version 2.6 update, Captains who have not cleared all stages of Story Chapter 1 at Normal difficulty will be compensated with [Crimson Impulse] fragments x10 and [Valkyrie Chariot ] fragments x10.
Remember to claim these compensation rewards in time~ Captains who log in 90 days after the version update won't get these rewards.
Note: After the Version 2.6 update, the progress of Challenge Rewards and Challenge Completion Chests won't be reset.

◆ Expansion Equipment Supply has been added.
1) The featured items in each round of Expansion Equipment Supply will be 1 weapon and 3 stigmata which are recommended for the featured Valkyries in Expansion Supply for that period. Each Supply Crate costs 1 Expansion Supply Card.
2) Expansion Equipment Supply, Captains are guaranteed to get the UP equipment featured for the Expansion Supply period that they have yet to receive within 50 consecutive drops.
In other words, for the Expansion Equipment Supply, Captains are guaranteed to get all featured UP equipment (1 weapon and 3 stigmata) within 200 supply drops.
Captains can enjoy this guarantee only once during each period of Expansion Equipment Supply.

◆ Captains can check UP equipment they have currently received in the Expansion Equipment Supply screen. (Received equipment will be marked as “√”)
This function is only available in Expansion Equipment Supply.
◆ After the version update, the Expansion Equipment Supply and the Expansion Supply for [Herrscher of the Void] will be simultaneously available for two weeks. The UP items in Expansion Equipment Supply will be the same as those in the Focused Supply A of that period with different drop rates. Captains can refer to the table below for details:

======Monthly Card======
◆ Optimized the way to claim Monthly Card benefits. A new screen to claim Monthly Card benefits has been added.
Captains who have purchased a Monthly Card can directly claim Crystal rewards for the day from the Monthly Card Bonus page after logging in to the game. Crystal rewards will no longer be issued by mail.
◆ Each Monthly Card is effective for 30 days. Captains can get an extra 500 Crystals each time when you've claimed Monthly Card Crystals for a total of 15 days.
Note: The requirement to claim a total of 15 daily bonuses refers to total number of days, regardless of time span.
◆ The new Monthly Card system will undergo a 2-month trial after the v2.6 update. Double Monthly Card event will not be available during this trial period. We will notify you of any further change.

◆ Fixed a glitch in Memorial Arena which will cause an error in the 3rd phase of battle if Annihilation Spirit is killed in the 1st phase.

◆ A new stage info screen has been added. Captains can now check the info of enemies you're about to face in the pre-battle/after-battle screen.

======Dorm ======
◆ Captains can now Salvage furniture in the Dorm.
Captains can now get a certain number of [Common Coins] and [Honkai Blocks] by salvaging idle furniture. The furniture that has already been placed in the Dorm can't be salvaged.
◆ New Move In Procedure added: Celestial Hymn, Shadow Knight, Phoenix, Sanada Yukimura, Isaac Newton, Viola. Accordingly, new dorm events and interactions have been added.

◆ New stigmata in Exchange House: [Celine], [Kallen Hymn], [Higokumaru].

◆ Increased the tutoring benefits when the level of Cadet is too high for corresponding Examination Trials.
◆ Increased the rewards of some daily Sensei Missions. The Cadet can now get more Honkai Pieces and Coins as a reward.

◆ The [Sakura Echo] reward in the Adventure Rating of Open World [Sakura Samsara] has been merged into corresponding adventure task rating reward.
◆ Changed the names and icons of some materials in Open World [Sakura Samsara], while the amount remains unchanged. Name Changes: Paper Lantern → Ancient Prayer Fox Mask → Soul Steel Ore Argentite → Morion Fragment Camphor → Cluster Fiber Rush → Regeneration Potion Tengu Fire → Honkai Source Sakurafuda → Adventure Token
◆ In Open World Exchange Shop, the price of Advanced skill materials has been changed to Cluster Fiber (originally Camphor) x3 + Regeneration Potion (originally Rush) x3 + 100 Adventure Token (originally Sakurafuda). Fusion chances have been increased from 5 to 10.
After BEFALL Stage is closed, Captain can collect Descent Weapons via the Time Swirl Advent Valley.

◆ Armada name can be changed now.
◆ Quick application function has been added.
◆ Armada Leader can now be impeached. Armada members can impeach the Armada Leader if he/she is absent for a long time or his/her contribution is too low.

◆ Visual display of Loading screen has been optimized.
◆ Lineup sharing function has been added. Captain can now share your deployed lineup in the battle preparation screen.
◆New sorting method in Friend screen: Friends who are online and most intimate with you will be displayed at the top of the list.
◆ The Captains who have fighted with you in Co-op mode will be recommended to you in Friend-Discover.
◆ Optimized display of stat boosts from Base.
◆ Fixed the display bug of the outfit [Blue Reunion].

◆ Knight Moonbeam
1) The damage dealt by the Ultimate can now be displayed earlier.
2) During combo attack, Captain can now trigger weapon skill by tapping Weapon Skill button.
3) The SP consumption of Ultimate has been lowered from 125 points to 100 points. The DMG multiplier and Interrupt of the Ultimate also gets a boost.
4) Team skill description in co-op mode has been optimized.
5) Combo attack damage has been increased from 160% ATK of AOE Physical DMG to 28%*8 ATK of AOE Physical DMG.
6) New SS-rank passive skill [Drizzle of Light]: When Combo Hit Count reaches 20/50/100, gain 5%/10%/15% Crit Rate respectively.

◆ White Comet
1) The 2nd and 3rd long-ranged shooting of Basic Attack are now counted into combo.
2) The fixed Physical DMG of [Meteor Explosion] has been adjusted.

◆ Ritual Imayoh
1) The fixed Fire DMG of the skill [Scorching Meteor] has been adjusted.
2) The requirement to trigger the skill [Garm Blaze] has been changed to "enemies with an unbroken elite shield".
3) The fixed Physical DMG of the skill [Holy Defender I: Sloth] has been adjusted.
4) The Interrupt of the Ultimate [Death Nova] has been increased.
5) New Leader Skill: Mecha-type characters gain extra Crit Rate during battle.

◆ Dimension Breaker
1) The fixed Fire DMG of QTE has been adjusted.
2) Increased the damage of [Self Destruct].
3) Increase the Move Speed of rapid-fire weapon during Perfect Cooling; Meanwhile, it's easier to trigger Perfect Cooling now. For a short period after triggering Perfect Cooling, the enemies in an area will be inflicted Time Slow after being hit by the rapid-fire weapon.
4) The skill [Anti-Matter Core] has been changed to "When Project Bunny is unleashed, character laser attacks gain 20% Physical and Elemental DMG. For every point of SP above 110, further increase the DMG bonus by 0.6%. Stacks up to 200 times".
5) The fixed Fire DMG of the skill [Dimension Ignite] has been adjusted.
6) The skill [Dimension Carve] has been changed to "When hitting an enemy affected by Time Slow, character gains Physical and Elemental DMG bonus. The effect lasts 6 secs. Triggering this again resets the duration".
7) A skill switch has been added in the skill [Energy Absorb].
8) The Knock Back ability of the Ultimate [Project Bunny] has been decreased.
9) Fixed a display bug of the outfit [Techno Beats] on Project Bunny.
10) Optimized the controls of laser-type weapons used by Dimension Breaker. Increased the Move Speed of Dimension Breaker while the laser is beaming.

◆ Wolf’s Dawn, Shadow Dash, Goushinnso Memento
Optimized the lag issue of this Valkyrie.

◆ Wolf’s Dawn
1) The fixed Physical DMG of skills [Burst Assault] and [Gravity Traction] has been adjusted.
2) Raised the QTE Damage.

◆ Yamabuki Armor
1) Optimized the moving distance and controls of the Ultimate. Quicker move sequence.
2) Raised the DMG multiplier for the QTE skill.

◆ Snowy Sniper
The fixed Physical DMG of QTE has been adjusted.

◆ Valkyrie Chariot
1) Expanded the AOE of the DMG of the Switch Skill. No ground breaking attack will be triggered if there're no enemies on the battlefield.
2) Expanded the AOE of the DMG dealt by the first ground breaking attack upon triggering QTE.

◆ All Theresa Characters
1) Fixed a glitch that prevents all Theresa characters from being invulnerable upon unleashing the Ultimate in co-op Stages.
2) Optimized the Evasion skills of all Theresa characters.

◆Sakuno Rondo, Celestial Hymn, Luna Kindred
Optimized the requirement to trigger Charged attack.

◆ Valkyrie Pledge, Violet Executer
1) Increased the Attack Speed of Charged attack by adjusting attack method. That is, hold the Attack button to unleash Charged attack more quickly during a basic attack 4-hit combo. Charged attack is available after unlocking any hit of the 4-hit combo.
2) Adjusted the time sequence of some battle moves.
3) The 3rd basic attack will no longer knock back enemies.
4) Optimized the skill description of [Justice That Insult The Injury].

◆ Luna Kindred
1) Extended the range of the follow-up attack of basic attack 4-hit combo, Charged attack and Ultimate.
2) After Switch Skill or QTE is triggered, the weapon skill can now be unleashed by tapping weapon skill button.
3) Shorter time gap between the last and first hit of basic attack 4-hit combo.
4) Quicker Charged attack moves. The Charged attack can now be canceled before lifting the ax through Evasion skill.
5) When Sanguine Mark is consumed upon unleashing Charged attack, the damage will be dealt at the same time. This prevents this worst case scenario from happening: The Sanguine Mark is consumed and no damage is dealt due to Evasion.
6) Smoother and quicker transition between basic attack 4-hit combo and Charged attack. The speed of QTE and Switch Skill has also been increased.
7) Added unique character voice.

◆ Violet Executer
1) Ultimate skill now consumes 80 SP and the burst mode lasts 8 seconds.
2) Increased SP recovery of basic attack 4-hit combo by 15%; Meanwhile, since the speed of Charged attack has increased, the SP recovery of Charged attack has been lowered by 40% accordingly.
3) Optimized the lag issue of the skill [Justice That Insult The Injury].

◆ Sakuno Rondo
Shortened the knock back distance of Switch Skill and QTE.

◆ Valkyrie Pledge
1) Extended the immobilization time of the skill [Spear of Imprisonment].
2) The fixed Lightning DMG of the skills [Blessing of Taranis], [Charged Thrust] and [Thunderous Judgment] have been adjusted.
3) Extended the duration of impaired status inflicted by the skill [Debilitating Thunder].

◆ Lightning Empress
1) Combo attack damage has been increased from 60%*4 ATK of Lightning DMG to 80%*4 ATK of Lightning DMG.
2) New SS-rank passive skill [Sundered Shackles]: Combo ATK has chance to apply conductive debuff of Soul Razor on the enemy.
3) The fixed Lightning DMG of the skills [Thunder Edge] and [Thunderclap] have been adjusted.

◆ Valkyrie Bladestrike
1) Faster evasion in combo attack. Meanwhile, there is shorter time gap between the last hit of combo attack and the first hit of basic attack.
2) Captain can now switch Valkyrie or unleash the Ultimate in the duration of combo attack. The weapon skill can now be unleashed by tapping weapon skill button.
3) Optimized the moving distance of QTE and expanded the height of AOE of the DMG dealt.

◆ Crimson Impulse
1) Fixed the Instant Dash CD glitch when triggering Ultimate Evasion.
2) The fixed Fire DMG of the skill [Soul Power] has been adjusted.

◆ Goushinnso Memento
1) Captain can now evade or switch Valkyrie just before the 1st hit of combo attack.
2) QTE's Ignore Interrupt has been enhanced.
3) The fixed Ice Damage of [Ice Spirit], Switch Skill and QTE have been adjusted.
4) Fixed the Switch Skill glitch where tapping the weapon skill button during Switch Skill moves can unleash basic attack.

◆ Flame Sakitama
1) The fixed Fire DMG of [Transcendent Realms] has been adjusted.
2) Extended the range of the basic follow-up attack and expanded the height of AOE of the DMG dealt.

◆ All Himeko Characters
1) Optimized some basic moves of Himeko.
2) All Himeko characters can now evade in the duration of Switch Skill and become invulnerable in the duration of QTE.

◆ Blood Rose
1) Captain can now switch Valkyrie during the 4th attack of the Blood Order (including both air and ground attacks).
2) Tap Attack button after Evade and Slash to trigger Charged attack. No more need to coincide with flashing circle.
3) Fixed the display glitch of Leader Skill.

◆ Battle Storm
Faster transition from the second attack of Charged attack (including the 1st and 2nd sequence) to weapon skill.

◆ Shadow Knight
During combo attack in Eclipse Mode, Captain can now trigger weapon skill by tapping Weapon Skill button.

◆ Phoenix
Fixed the Ultimate skill glitch of Phoenix where damage will be dealt twice under certain circumstances.

◆ Sixth Serenade
The damage dealt from the 4th strike of basic attack has been changed from ranged attack to melee attack.

◆ Ritual Imayoh
The damage dealt from the 4th strike of basic attack has been changed from ranged attack to melee attack.

◆ [Tranquil Arias]: Upon entering a stage, the first effective time of the passive skill [Night Bringer] has been slightly deferred by 0.3 second.
◆ [Sunfire Greatsword]: Extended the Dash distance of active skill.
◆ [Star Destroyer 19C]: The new effect "Hit enemies from the back with missile or scatter shot shell can enjoy 40% Crit DMG increase" has been added to the passive skill.
◆ Missile-type weapons: Fixed a glitch where the charged attack of missile-type weapons will dispel Locked Mode inflicted by Valkyries such as Snowy Sniper.

The data below are collected at max skill level:
◆ Ranger Gauntlets
1) The CD of active skill [Turbo Acceleration] has been changed from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
2) The passive skill [Twilight Operation] has been changed to "When character exits, team takes 10% less Indirect Physical DMG for 7s. [Ranger] character takes 20% less Ice DMG. If other teammates are equipped with [Ranger] series weapons, then character gains 15% Physical DMG for 7s after entering the battlefield."

◆ Judgment of Shamash: Fixed the bug of active skill which occurs after hitting the target.
◆ Ai-chan's Hammer: Optimized the visual effects of the active skill.
◆ Ai-chan's Cannon: Optimized the visual effects of its charged attack.
◆ Jixuanyuan set: Changed the set effect description. The requirement to trigger the set effect is the same as that of [Schrodinger (T)].
◆ Kallen Hymn (M): Optimized the visual display of the stigma's visual effects.

◆ Memorial Arena
1) Optimized the battle mechanism of Shadow Knight. The CD of Vetoed Barrier now starts after Vetoed Barrier ends.
2) Optimized the battle mechanism of Possessed Himeko, fixed a glitch which may cause the game to freeze.

◆ The "Restart" option has been added to the Pause screen in some Story Chapter stages, Valkyries' Training Camp stages and Weekday Event stages.
Note: 1) You'll lose every item earned if you choose "Restart".
2) If you choose "Restart", your number of attempts won't be deducted again.

◆ The "Try Again" option has been added to the finalization screen in some Story Chapter stages, Valkyries' Training Camp stages and Weekday Event stages.
◆ Fixed a glitch in Memorial Arena where Parvati will jump out of the arena.
◆ Difficulty reducing mechanism has been introduced to these Co-op Raid stages: Soul Throne, Squad Snowwolf and Matrix Space.
◆ Adjusted the visual display of bleeding effect.

======Dorm ======
◆ When Captain changes the window in Beach Dorm, the corresponding balcony will also be changed.
◆ New Move In Procedure added: Shakespeare, Octavia, Cecilia: Formals, Higokumaru: Formals, Seele: Formals. Accordingly, new dorm events and interactions have been added.

The following equipment has been added in equipment supply.
◆ Weapon:
Proto Spirit Bow, Fairy Sword Silven, Pledge of Rain, Tyr Wrist, Star Destroyer 19C, Balmung, Oath of Judah, Pledge of Sakura, 11th Sacred Relic

◆ Stigmata:
1) T-Slot Stigmata: Kepler (T), Nagamitsu (T), Dracula (T), Sin Mal (T), Otto Apocalypse (T), Celine (T), Kallen Hymn (T), Higokumaru (T)
2) M-Slot Stigmata: Mei: Beach Party (M), Kepler (M), Nagamitsu (M), Dracula (M), Kallen Hymn (M)
3) B-Slot Stigmata: Kepler (B), Nagamitsu (B), Dracula (B), Sin Mal (B), Otto Apocalypse (B), Celine (B), Kallen Hymn (B), Higokumaru (B)
Note: After the addition, the overall drop rate of 4-star weapons and 4-star stigmata remains unchanged.

9. Translation Optimization(The translation will be further optimized in the subsequent versions)
Original Translation               Optimized Translation
Total Invasion        >>>        Total Onslaught
stupid Kiana        >>>        idiot Kiana
Critical Damage        >>>        Critical Damage|Crit DMG
ice damage        >>>        Ice DMG
ice damage        >>>        Ice DMG
All Damage        >>>        Total Damage Multiplier|Total DMG Multiplier|TDMGx
psychic damage        >>>        psychic damage|Psychic DMG
ranged physical damage|ranged PDMG        >>>        ranged physical damage|ranged PDMG|Ranged Physical DMG
Soul Steel        >>>        Soul Steel|Soulium
proc        >>>        proc|trigger
The 4th Herrscher        >>>        4th Herrscher
Spicy Bomb        >>>        HOLA Bomb
Spicy Tyrant        >>>        HOMU Tyrant
Spicy Self-Detonation        >>>        Exploding HOLA
Ballistic Honkai Beast        >>>        Raging Beast
Timid Honkai Beast        >>>        Timid Beast
Arctic Honkai Beast        >>>        Frigid Beast
Tsundere Honkai Beast        >>>        Pride
Irritable Ice Ballista Beast        >>>        Irritation
Conceited Honkai Beast        >>>        Conceit
Ice Ballista Beast        >>>        Frost Catapult
Lightning Ballista Beast        >>>        Lightning Catapult
Flame Ballista Beast        >>>        Flame Catapult
Nature Honkai Beast        >>>        Earthen Catapult
Blaze        >>>        Magma
Honkai Gatekeeper (Immune to physical damage)        >>>        Iron Ward (physical immunity)
Honkai Gatekeeper (Immune to Elemental Damage)        >>>        Eldritch Ward (elemental immunity)
Honkai Emperoress        >>>        Ninsun
Honkai King        >>>        Lugal
Lord of Honkai        >>>        Dominus
King Honkai Beast        >>>        Imperator
Machine Killer - Halo        >>>        Hallowed Mech Killer
Frosthell Knight Avenger        >>>        Hel Knight
Frost Honkai Beast        >>>        Frost Knight
Frost Knight Leader        >>>        Frost Cavalier
Magic Knight        >>>        Eldritch Knight
Knight Honkai Beast        >>>        Knight
Knight Leader Absolute Zero        >>>        Subzero Cavalier
Paladin Honkai Beast        >>>        Paladin
Death Horn        >>>        Totenritter
Ironheel Horn        >>>        Ironshod Ritter
Heavy Cavalry Leader        >>>        Cuirassier
Young Honkai Beast        >>>        Beastling
Young Ganesha        >>>        Ganesh Putr
Young Parvati        >>>        Parvati Putr
Frost Emperor        >>>        Frost Prince
Shieldguard Leader        >>>        Thegn
Blazing Thunder        >>>        Storm Thegn
Blazing Lightning        >>>        Lightning Thegn
Dark Church Samurai        >>>        Dark Templar
Thor Honkai Beast        >>>        Storm Templar
Templar Honkai Beast        >>>        Templar
Palace Guard        >>>        Temple Guard
Frost Honkai Beast        >>>        Frost Tank
Honkai Heavy Crush        >>>        Heavy Crusher
Honkai Crush        >>>        Crusher
Honkai Mutilate        >>>        Render
Honkai Emperor        >>>        Konungr
Honkai Beast Elder        >>>        Honkai Elder
Sakura Chariot Beast        >>>        Blazing Chariot
Arctic Chariot Avenger        >>>        Rime Chariot
Frost Chariot Beast        >>>        Frost Chariot
Alloy Chariot Honkai Beast        >>>        Alloy Chariot
Chariot Honkai Beast        >>>        Chariot
Time Piercer        >>>        Ophaniel
Hyper Hasty Honkai Beast        >>>        Cassiel
Big Universe        >>>        Universalis
Sakura Hasty Beast        >>>        Scarlet Uriel
Ice Breaker        >>>        Baradiel
Darkdemon        >>>        Fallen Seraph
Time Protector        >>>        Kafziel
Time Ripper        >>>        Samael
King of the Skies        >>>        Seraph
Hasty Honkai Beast        >>>        Archangel
Twin - White        >>>        Albus Twin
Twin - Purple        >>>        Amethyst Twin
Ancient Mecha - Evolver        >>>        Evolved Primal
Spider Queen Mecha        >>>        Spider Queen
Strafing Polyhedron        >>>        Stellate Polyhedron
Multidimensional Mecha        >>>        Polyhedron
Supreme Module - Mecha        >>>        MECH Module
Supreme Module - Creature        >>>        BIO Module
Supreme Module - Psychic        >>>        PSY Module
Arctic Honkai Core        >>>        Frigid Core
Magic Box        >>>        Magic Cube
Blizzard Magstorm Mecha        >>>        Storm EM
Blizzard Rattlesnake        >>>        Storm Rattler
Frost Rattlesnake        >>>        Frost Rattler
Polar Circle        >>>        Polar Halo
Hunter Rattlesnake        >>>        Diamondback
Hunter Rattlesnake II        >>>        Diamondback II
Prototype Combat Mecha        >>>        Proto Annihilator
Guard - Black King        >>>        Black Kingsguard
Titan Captain        >>>        Commandant
Thunderproof Mecha        >>>        Sunderer
Dark Energy Mecha        >>>        Umbra
Dark Energy Mecha II        >>>        Umbra Mk.II
Shaman Mecha        >>>        Shaman
Sorcerer Mecha        >>>        Witch Doctor
Ice Spirit Titan        >>>        Rime Titan
Explosive Rattlesnake        >>>        Shrapnel Rattler
Magstorm Mecha        >>>        EM Mech
Destructive Padrino        >>>        Aesir Annihilator
Padrino        >>>        Aesir
Giant Titan        >>>        Gigant
Productive Padrino        >>>        Aesir MFG
Ancient Mecha        >>>        Ancient Mech
Creature Killer - Padrino        >>>        Aesir BIO-X
Prototype Remy V        >>>        PROTO Remy V
Rampage Titan        >>>        Rampager
Berserker Titan        >>>        Berserker
Titan Prime        >>>        Primus
Titan Mecha        >>>        Titan Mech
Titan Mecha - Evolver        >>>        Titan Evolved
Fire Spirit Titan        >>>        Eldjotnar
Heavyblow Titan        >>>        Jotnar
Anti-Matter Mecha        >>>        Antimatter Mech
Frozen Armor - Hammer        >>>        Frozen Hammerer
Frozen Cruise Armor        >>>        Frozen Cruiser
Frost Armor        >>>        Frost Mech
Mysterious Stage        >>>        Unknown Mech
MSR-7 Godfather        >>>        MSR-7 Wotan
Xuanyuan Ice Soul        >>>        Ice Xuanyuan
Xuanyuan Lightning Soul        >>>        Lightning Xuanyuan
Xuanyuan Fire Soul        >>>        Fire Xuanyuan
Widowmaker Mecha        >>>        Arachnoid
Queen Honkai Beast        >>>        Queen
The Dark Xuanyuan        >>>        Dark Xuanyuan
Slightly Infected        >>>        Infected
Ghost Zombie        >>>        Revenant
Zombie Leader (Weak Shields)        >>>        Wight
Frostland Ranger        >>>        Tundra Ranger
Legendary Warlock        >>>        Warlock
Crossbow Archer        >>>        Skirmisher
Archer Guard        >>>        Arbalestier
Divine Captain        >>>        Archer Guard
Divine Zombie        >>>        Archer
Zombie Archer        >>>        Demonbow
Ranger Zombie        >>>        Ranger
Mage Summoner        >>>        Summoner
Weakened Demonlord        >>>        Sealed Archlich
Sakura Summoner        >>>        Sakura Lich
Ancient Demonlord Summoner        >>>        Wytch
Frost Demon        >>>        Frost Lich
Ghost        >>>        Wraith
Demonlord Zombie        >>>        Lich
Samurai Shaman        >>>        Samurai Lich
Demonlord Summoner        >>>        Necromancer
Reborn Priest        >>>        Hierophant
Dark Bladeclaw        >>>        Dark Claws
Sharpclaw Zombie        >>>        Razor Claw
Ruins Guardian        >>>        Relic Guardian
Hellclaw Zombie        >>>        Hellclaw
Dead Land        >>>        Wasteland
Villain        >>>        Bandit
Silent Ghost Zombie        >>>        Dead Silence
Wilderness Zombie - Death Aura        >>>        Desolation
Herb        >>>        Absinthe
Corrupted Ghost Zombie        >>>        Helscape
FFF Leader        >>>        Guisarmier
Frost Scythe        >>>        Frost Guisarmier
Frostnight Zombie        >>>        Frostnight
Wind Phantom        >>>        Stormgale
Royal Zombie        >>>        Praetorian
Royal Guard Leader        >>>        Prefect
Djinn Centurion        >>>        Centurion
Sickle Queen        >>>        Scythe Queen
Empowered Centurion        >>>        Primus Pilus
Guardian Zombie        >>>        Vigiles
Evil Spark        >>>        Ember of Sin
Samurai Chief        >>>        Daimyo
Warrior        >>>        Bushi
Zombie Warrior        >>>        Undead Bushi
Elite Zombie        >>>        Kunoichi
Crimson Blade        >>>        Crimson Edge
Lightning Blade        >>>        Lightning Edge
Gale Blade        >>>        Gale Edge
Dual-Bladed Leader        >>>        Gashira
Obedient Zombie        >>>        Jun-Ninja
Zombie Vanguard        >>>        Forlorn Hope
Samurai Vanguard        >>>        Hatamoto
Psychic Killer - Eda        >>>        Ada PSY-X
Jonin        >>>        Jo-Ninja
Shadow Warrior        >>>        Kagemusha
Loyal Zombie        >>>        Joyo-Ninja
Frost Zombie Mecha        >>>        Frost Zomborg
Mecha Warrior        >>>        Mechanized
Guard - Banshee        >>>        Banshee
Zombie Mecha        >>>        Zomborg
Eternalnight OMEGA        >>>        Nocturnal
Warrior Mecha        >>>        Augmented
Character level        >>>        Character level|Char Lv.
Character rank        >>>        Character rank|Char rank
Attack Range        >>>        Attack Range|ATK Range
Meteor Bless        >>>        Comet Bless
Time Shift        >>>        Neko Cartwheel
Power Flow        >>>        Temporal Flow
Meteor Explosion        >>>        Comet Break
Meteor Shard        >>>        Comet Kata
Meteor Impact        >>>        Comet Impact
Valkyrie Burst        >>>        Neko-Chan!
Comet Explosion        >>>        Neko Stomp
Top Helix        >>>        Aerial Helix
Flying Meteor        >>>        Flying Comet
Shield Breaker        >>>        Antimatter Rounds
Raining Star        >>>        Shattering Blow
Time Singularity        >>>        Singularity
Star Collapse        >>>        Nova Collapse
Converge        >>>        Concentrate Fire
Bleeding Shoot        >>>        Bleeding Shot
Blasting Bullet        >>>        Nova Barrage
Shooting Bolster        >>>        Falling Comet
Nebula Protection        >>>        Nebula Ward
Blazing Star        >>>        Quasar
Time Fetter        >>>        Time Fetters
Star Fissure        >>>        Nova Fissure
Meteor Target        >>>        Meteor Kata
Comet Protection        >>>        Comet Ward
Nebula Glitter        >>>        Nebular Spectra
Impact Resonance        >>>        Shock Resonance
Time Fissure|Time Fracture        >>>        Time Fracture
Aftershock        >>>        Temporal Boom
Spiral Target        >>>        Gyrodrive Kata
Meteor Scatter        >>>        Comet Flechette
Aerolite Befall        >>>        Aerolite Burst
L.W.B.V|Lightwing Unleashed        >>>        S.W.O.L.|Seraph's Wings of Light|Lightwing Unleashed
Energy Amplify        >>>        Energy Burst
Twinstars Vortex        >>>        Gemini Vortex
Star Rules        >>>        Planetary Spin
Blade Puncture        >>>        Piercing Blade
Instant Dash        >>>        Insta-Slash
Sakura Rise        >>>        Whirling Petals
Shadowdash        >>>        Shadow Dash
Monster Outbreak        >>>        Phantom Outbreak
Shadow Enchant        >>>        Shadow Aura
Shadow Step        >>>        Untouchable
Sharp Edge        >>>        Keen Edge
Afterimage        >>>        Ghost Image
Infinite Enchant        >>>        Endless Aura
Will Enchant        >>>        Mind Aura
Shadow Art        >>>        Shadow Mantra
Multiple Shadow Clone        >>>        Shadow Army
Speed Fatal        >>>        Speed Fatale
Enchantment of Sakura        >>>        Sakura Aura
Shadowless Enchant        >>>        Shadow Aura X
Air Smash        >>>        Aerial Slash
Sharp Cutter        >>>        Shadow Razor
Air Enchant        >>>        Wind Aura
Wind Enchant        >>>        Kinetic Aura
Spirit Enchant        >>>        Spirit Aura
Shadow Art        >>>        Ankage Jutsu
Split Flow        >>>        Martial Stream
Spirit of Power        >>>        Ki Spirit
Void Edge        >>>        Blade Flurry
Blade Enchant        >>>        Impact Flurry
Chain Enchant        >>>        Relentless Flurry
Dragon Enchant        >>>        Dragon's Aura
God's Roar        >>>        Asura's Roar
Lightning Shield        >>>        Lightning Dodge
Gleam Blade        >>>        Blinding Flash
Soul Cutter        >>>        Soul Razor
Dragon Cry        >>>        Dragon May Cry
Ultra Sakura Rise        >>>        Shin: Shedding Petals
Lightning Spin        >>>        Gigavolt Spin
Lightning Slash        >>>        Raiden Slash
No translation        >>>        Fulminating Zone
Double Spin        >>>        Doppel Raiden
Thunder Crush        >>>        It Strikes Twice
Goushinnso Momento        >>>        Goushinnso Memento
Kindness        >>>        Mercy
Shape of Coldness        >>>        Freezing Image
Bright Heart        >>>        Illumination
Petals Down        >>>        Energizing Flurry
Final Breath        >>>        Frigid Rave
Mental State        >>>        Transcendence
Slash        >>>        Zankeki
Enhanced Slash        >>>        Zankeki ULTRA
Charge|Dash        >>>        Assault
Frost Teeth|Ice Husk        >>>        Frost Fang
Bone of Flower        >>>        Warrior's Pride
Shield Through        >>>        Punctured Kabuto
Sweeping Blade        >>>        Shuryu Slash
Mark of Killing        >>>        Lethal Mark
Flower Thorn        >>>        Thorny Blossoms
Sange        >>>        San-Ge Brand
Crimson Blossom        >>>        Crimson Naraka
Reversed Edge        >>>        Blinding Draw
Rampage        >>>        Ardor
Dash        >>>        One Flash
Meteor Shower        >>>        Void Triplex
Blade Reversal        >>>        One Slash
Multiple Dash        >>>        Chain Flash
Sorcery Blade        >>>        Artful Blade
Mid-Air Kill        >>>        Aerial Kill
Decisive Cut        >>>        Shokudai Kiri
Empty State of Mind        >>>        Transcendent Realms
Directional Katana        >>>        Imperial Tachi
Double Firewall        >>>        Yae's Inferno
Redlotus / Red Lotus        >>>        Guren Lotus
Conflagration        >>>        Karmic Flame
Spirit Possession        >>>        Blazing Tempo
Bright Illusion        >>>        Surya's Burn
Gale        >>>        Firewind
Genie        >>>        Asura
Virtual Operation|Virtual Maneuver        >>>        Complex Operations
Force Field Eradication        >>>        Field Breach
Guide Lock        >>>        Target Locked
Cluster Bombing        >>>        Shrapnel Shell
Missile Modification        >>>        Guidance MOD
Power Storage        >>>        Precision Charge
Unleash Strike        >>>        Primed Charge
Universal Murder        >>>        Suppression Barrage
Blinding Weapon        >>>        Blinding Munitions
Hardened Frame        >>>        Hardened Chassis
Force Field Compression        >>>        Field Suppression
Beam Rebuild        >>>        Line of Fire
Locking Area        >>>        Zone Lockdown
Particle Crack        >>>        Particle Accelerator
No translation        >>>        Frigid Blast
Aimer        >>>        Sniper's Mark
Ice Shadow        >>>        Ice Phantom
Riot Armor        >>>        Reactive Armor
Agravity Wall        >>>        Zero-G Barrier
Particle Charge        >>>        Particle Fusion
Reaction        >>>        Reflex Maneuver
Atomic Radiate        >>>        Atomic Radiation
Void Explosion        >>>        Grav Singularity
Gravity Tearing        >>>        Gravity Wrench
Smash Ground        >>>        Ground Smasher
Air Smash        >>>        Aerial Smasher
High Gravity        >>>        Super Gravity
No translation        >>>        Planes Walker
Down Dimension        >>>        Dimension Reduction
Kinetic Energy        >>>        Mech Propulsion
Full Defence        >>>        Absorptive Barrier
No translation        >>>        Perfect Cooling
Energy Absorb        >>>        Heat Sinks
Mecha Frenzy        >>>        Mech Frenzy
Dimension Gravity        >>>        Dimension Pull
Dimensional Blade        >>>        Dimension Razor
Dimension Carve        >>>        Spacetime Cutter
Infinite Dimension        >>>        Complex Infinity
Mecha Barrier        >>>        Honkai Overgrowth
Power Machine        >>>        Reactive Shield
Barrier Reinforce        >>>        Reinforced Barrier
Dimension Field        >>>        Shifting Field
Flame Shield        >>>        Reflective Shield
Reflection        >>>        Reverse Trajectory
Force Forward        >>>        Field Propulsion
Machine Dread        >>>        Mech Phobia
Overdrive        >>>        Overdrive Mode
Overload Consumption        >>>        Overdrive Cost
Switch        >>>        Overdrive Switch
Dread Drain        >>>        Terror Drain
Terrify Reaper        >>>        Terror Freeze
Rebuilding        >>>        Mending Link
Shield Slam        >>>        Honkai Barrier
Creature Guardian        >>>        Bio Ward
Counter Module        >>>        Tactical MOD
Counter Circuit        >>>        Counter Protocols
Continued Arming        >>>        Field Supplies
Heavy Particle Cannon / Particle Cannon        >>>        Particle Cannon
Mechanical Pressure        >>>        Crippling Blast
Target Lock        >>>        Precise Targeting
Thundershock        >>>        GROM Slam
Synchronous Runaway        >>>        Synchronized Frenzy
Magnetic Control        >>>        EM Counter
Gravitational Press        >>>        Gravity Traction
Explosive Blast|Burst Assault        >>>        Burst Assault
Air Momentum        >>>        Dilated Momentum
Time To Show!        >>>        I'm Mad
No translation        >>>        Empowered Shield
Time Blink        >>>        Time Bender
Lightning Spear        >>>        Thunder Spear
Lightning Eye / Lightning Spear        >>>        Blessing of Taranis
Lightning Erode        >>>        Debilitating Thunder
Lightning Judge / Lightning Erode        >>>        Thunderous Judgment
Flinger Strike        >>>        Charged Thrust
Divine Assault        >>>        Holy Lance
Justice That Insult The Injury        >>>        Salt for the Wound
Don't Touch Me, Hentai        >>>        No Touching
Iron Maiden        >>>        Steel Virgin
Blood Maiden        >>>        Blood Magdalene
Execute Spear        >>>        Lance of Longinus
Body Break        >>>        Flesh Raker
No translation        >>>        Arbiter
Punishing Spear        >>>        Impaler
Spear Charge        >>>        Vicious Impaler
Upward Spears        >>>        Instant Impalement
Saint's Dirge        >>>        Holy Dirge
Life Psalm        >>>        Psalms of Life
Savior's Ballad        >>>        Evangelist
Thornmail        >>>        Blade Barrier
Divine Flying Blade        >>>        Celestial Gladius
Judgement from Heavens        >>>        Celestial Judgment
Divine Trial        >>>        Celestial Verdict
Glorious Punishement        >>>        Glorious Smite
Flashing Wave        >>>        Torrent of Swords
The World Cutest! / World's #1 Cutie        >>>        World's #1 Cutie
Don't Touch My Ears        >>>        Not the Ears
Flaming Sword Dance        >>>        Burning Kenbu
Sword Aura        >>>        Sword Ki
Flame Sworddance        >>>        Blazing Kenbu
Florid Sworddance        >>>        Florid Kenbu
No translation        >>>        Lasting Brand
Ballistic Sakura        >>>        Hijoyo Frenzy
Sakura Foxfire        >>>        Hijoyo Mode
Flame's Sprite        >>>        Fire Sprite
Guardian's Sprite        >>>        Warding Sprite
Sakura Foxfire        >>>        Scorching Foxfire
Blade        >>>        Twin Slashers
Detonation        >>>        Detonate Brand
Triple Blades        >>>        Triplex Slashers
Fire Blow        >>>        Feuerhau
Wind        >>>        Zephyr
Speed Charge        >>>        Swift Charge
Keen        >>>        Vigilant
Fire Wield        >>>        Fiery Hew
Gale Forward        >>>        Storm Assault
Down Cleave        >>>        Splitting Cleave
Whirlwind        >>>        Storm Slasher
Shock Wave        >>>        Wave Blast
Time Enchant        >>>        Time Field
Enchant Shatter        >>>        Field Shatter
Penetrate Enchant        >>>        Shattering Field
Healing Enchant        >>>        Healing Field
Enchant Explosion        >>>        Imploding Field
Mutilate        >>>        Mittelhau
Ultra Mutilate        >>>        Mittelhau - Zorn
Fusion Arms        >>>        Nuclear Armament
Shield Penetrate        >>>        Barrier Smasher
Ruthless Hunt        >>>        Ruthless Pursuit
Fusion Shuttle        >>>        Fusion Roll
Nuclear Push        >>>        Nuclear Propulsion
Electric Charge        >>>        EM Charge
Electric Burst        >>>        EM Blast
Furnace Enhance        >>>        Augmented Reactor
Heavy Sword        >>>        Zweihänder
Slash Tune        >>>        Slash Tempo
Fusion Blow        >>>        Fusion Rupture
No translation        >>>        Plasma Rend
Dashing Onrush Slash        >>>        Sprinting Zornhut
Devastate Charge        >>>        Devastator's Charge
Dragonrise        >>>        Shoryu Blade
Nuclear Dragonrise        >>>        Shoryu Nuclear EX
Refuge Blood        >>>        Warding Blood
Purifier Blood        >>>        Purifying Blood
Blood Movement        >>>        Blood Bravura
Heavy Sword        >>>        Blooded Claymore
Vertical Cleave        >>>        Windmill Cleave
Flame Explosion        >>>        Burning Passion
Blood Echo        >>>        Blood Symphony
Blood Order        >>>        Blood Wrath
Many various translations        >>>        Vehement Flame
Purify        >>>        Blood Philter
Blood Burst        >>>        Blood Boost
Round Dance        >>>        Blood Rondeau
Evade and Slash        >>>        Riposte
Downward Step / Down Cleave        >>>        Slash Dance
Spin        >>>        Igniting Axel
Flame Step / Meteor Shower        >>>        Burning Windmills
Blacktortoise Returning        >>>        Chelonic Unity
Ki / Fighting Heart        >>>        Resolve
Serene Heart        >>>        Serenity
Calm Heart        >>>        Enlightenment
Rosefinch Soaring        >>>        Vermilion Dance
Fiery Quail        >>>        Fiery Flock
Solar Vermilion        >>>        Sunchaser
Tigrine Step        >>>        Panther Dance
Octaridge        >>>        Lord of the Wastes
Azure Roar / Sky Roar        >>>        Battle Howl
Amberdragon Hovering        >>>        Amber Dragon
Avalanche Punch        >>>        Ki Avalanche
Break Bunch        >>>        Ki Impact
Ultimate Lightning Punch        >>>        Ki Nova EX
Resting Land        >>>        Fallow Earth
Heavenly Psyche        >>>        Celestial Spirit
Dragon Emergence        >>>        Azure Dragon
Cliffbreaker        >>>        Ki Shattering Fist
Summit Punch        >>>        Ki Zenith
Energy Mine        >>>        Ki Barrage
Energy Thunderbolt        >>>        Ki Nova
Diving Dragon        >>>        Gray Dragon
Draco Spin        >>>        Dragon's Return
Evil Arts        >>>        Lethal Arts
Doom / Death        >>>        Calamity
Broken Heart        >>>        Anguish
Lost Heart        >>>        Despair
Burn        >>>        Cinders
Many various translations        >>>        Chaotic Discharge
Deserted Tiger        >>>        Wasteland Panther
Evil        >>>        Ferocity
Rage        >>>        Vehemence
Ardent Wave        >>>        Ki Riptide
Energy Dust        >>>        Ki Pulverize
Wind Blast        >>>        Ki Seismic Slam
Summit        >>>        Gale
Grim        >>>        Desolation
Many various translations        >>>        Annihilation
Ocean Bash        >>>        Shi-Ki Charged Palm
Space Ripple        >>>        Shi-Ki Onslaught
Waning Moon        >>>        Shi-Ki Crescent
Many various translations        >>>        Jade Mirror
Shadow        >>>        Umbra
Burning Loyalty        >>>        Flaming Heart
Candlelit Night        >>>        Herald of Dawn
Colored Feather        >>>        Rainbow Pinion
Cauldron        >>>        Crucible
Whisk Step        >>>        Fairy Dance
Group Immobilize        >>>        Mass Immobilize
Reverse Plume        >>>        Rectrix
Immortal Form - Black Bird        >>>        Sen-Ki Darting Swift
Immortal Form - Phoenix Glide        >>>        Sen-Ki Phoenix Soar
Crane Call        >>>        Hysteria
Eagle        >>>        Peregrine
Ashes Spirit        >>>        Spirit of Cinder
Levitation Fire        >>>        Carmine Down
Parasol Wind        >>>        Diving Phoenix
Firebird        >>>        Fire Raven
Immortal Form - White Pheasant        >>>        Sen-Ki Simurgh
Immortal Form - Time Swift        >>>        Sen-Ki Dashing Tern
Immortal Form - Moon Duck        >>>        Sen-Ki Moon Anseri
magic power        >>>        Prajna
Mangrove Song        >>>        Oriole
White Night        >>>        Court Astrologer
Twisted Tune        >>>        Magister
Stalwart        >>>        Imperator
Plunder        >>>        Catastrophe
Heavenly Riches        >>>        Vengeance
Large Gates        >>>        Inquisitor
Heaven's Phase        >>>        Chancellor
Destruction        >>>        Vanguard
Fighting Ballad        >>>        Marshal
Secret Art-Flying Falcon        >>>        Ri-Ki Darting Kite
Secret Art-Phoenix Kick        >>>        Ri-Ki Phoenix Soar
energy        >>>        Ripple
Greedy Wolf        >>>        Devouring Wolf
Celestial Fortune        >>>        Authority
Red Phoenix        >>>        Red Princess
Aurora Light        >>>        Aurora
Multi-kill        >>>        Seven Deaths
Heaven's Battle-ax        >>>        Emperor's Ax
True Virtue        >>>        Enigma
Secret Art-Soaring Eagle        >>>        Ri-Ki Raptor Strike
Secret Art-Scattering Bird        >>>        Ri-Ki Rending Claw
Secret Art-Vine Peacock        >>>        Ri-Ki Talon Storm
Secret Art-Moonlight Duck        >>>        Ri-Ki Moon Anseri
Star Devourer        >>>        Star Eater
Planetary Ring Eater        >>>        Eclipse Corona
Space of Deceased        >>>        Deathly Space
Abyss Gravitation        >>>        Deep Gravity
Underworld River Aurora        >>>        Stygian Aurora
Holy Defender 1: Idle        >>>        Holy Defender I: Sloth
Holy Defender 2: Slow        >>>        Holy Defender II: Idleness
Eternal Meteor Shower        >>>        Meteor Eternia
Heavens' Collapse        >>>        Galactic Collapse
Hela Stream        >>>        Hela's Geyser
Garm Blaze        >>>        Garm Unbound
Shadow Canopy        >>>        Phantom Curtain
Mark of the Raven        >>>        Raven Mark
Dawn Execution        >>>        Death by Dawn
Feather Teleport        >>>        Raven Blitz
Nighteye        >>>        Nachtsicht
Thief's Shot        >>>        Rogue's Kiss
Soothing Song        >>>        Lamentations
KT Skill 4        >>>        Night Carnival
Soul Ballad        >>>        Coronach
crow form        >>>        Raven Form
teleport attack        >>>        Shuttle Attack
Thunder Shadow / Thunder Clouds        >>>        Thunder Clouds
Piercing Wind        >>>        Minuano
Insulated Bird        >>>        Storm Raven
Winter        >>>        Frigid Winter
Redlotus Breath        >>>        Breath of Guren
Giant Eye - Super Cannon        >>>        Polyphemus - Super Gun
Giant Wrist - Multiple Cluster Missiles        >>>        Typhon - Cluster Missiles
Construction Beam        >>>        Anti-Material Beam
Crescent Volley        >>>        Sickle's Ascent
Proto Katana        >>>        Proto Pulse Tachi
Proto Cannon        >>>        Proto Pulse Cannon
Fury Cannon        >>>        Fury Belcher
Giant Eye - Super Cannon        >>>        Super Cannon
Hasty Hare        >>>        Speedy Retreat
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Keys of the Void
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Gates of Revelation
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Void Sigil
Sharp Blade        >>>        Leaf Razor
Ymir's Wrist        >>>        Hand of Ymir
Striking Cannon        >>>        Encroaching Fire
Vermillion Edge        >>>        Vermilion Edge
Endless        >>>        Endless Barrage
Burning Feather        >>>        Icarus Pinions
Bursting Feather        >>>        Daedalus Burst
Break        >>>        Rift of Heavens
God Penalty        >>>        Divine Penalty
Three Aggregates        >>>        Three Elements
Freezing Wave / Icebound        >>>        Icebound
Freezing Wave / Icebound        >>>        Icebound
Ion Resonance        >>>        Ionic Harmony
Kingsnake        >>>        Royal Serpent
Death Bite        >>>        Deadly Bite
Death Dissever        >>>        Deadly Rend
Blood Rage        >>>        Blood Drake
Reborn        >>>        Blood Revival
Proto Greatsword        >>>        Proto Pulse Cleaver
Dragon Hover        >>>        Draconic Vortex
Dragon Chop        >>>        Shoryu Cleave
Schwert Gewehr        >>>        Schiffschneider
Magnetical Blade        >>>        EM Cleaver
Xuanyuan: Gun        >>>        Xuanyuan Pistols
Xuanyuan: Katana        >>>        Xuanyuan Katana
Xuanyuan: Cannon        >>>        Xuanyuan Cannon
The Energy Leaper        >>>        Energy Leapers
Time Craze        >>>        Temporal Frenzy
Usurper's Cannon        >>>        Usurpers
Schemer's Cannon        >>>        Dark Suns
High Frequency Cutter        >>>        Vibro Cutter
High Frequency Collapse        >>>        Induction Collapse
Sheathed Blade        >>>        Osahoko
Scorch        >>>        Purgatory
Chill Escape        >>>        Frosty Jettison
Auroral Judgement        >>>        Judgment by Dawn
Highspeed Load        >>>        Hyper RPM
Sprocket Greatsword        >>>        Chain Sword
Phoenix Pistols        >>>        Twin Phoenix
Phoenix Sword        >>>        Phoenix Razor
Time Rider        >>>        Time Shatterer
AI Chan's Cannon        >>>        Ai-chan's Cannon
AI Chan's Prank        >>>        Ai-chan's Prank
Spirit Gun - Yae        >>>        Spirit Guns - Yae
Shin Seven Sakura        >>>        Shin - Seven Sakura
Shamash Unsheathed        >>>        Shamash Assault
Destruction Key        >>>        Key of Destruction
Ghostslayer Nagamitsu        >>>        Gyukikiri Nagamitsu
Proto Spirit Bow        >>>        Proto Alberich's Bows
Wind Trap        >>>        Ties of the Wind
Wing of Wind        >>>        Wings of the Wind
Cross Ice Bullets        >>>        Hailstone
Flame Bullets Launcher        >>>        Brimstone
Penetrating Bullets Launcher        >>>        AP Turret
Ice Oath        >>>        Oath of Ice
Trample / Pulverize        >>>        Pulverize
AI Chan's Hammer        >>>        Ai-chan's Hammer
Punishment for Stealing Electricity        >>>        Stop Stealing Power!
Mincer        >>>        Slice and Dice
Holy Sword Formation        >>>        Holy Blades
Judgement of Shamash: G        >>>        Cleaver of Shamash
Tyr Wrist        >>>        Hand of Tyr
Wargod's Bombardment        >>>        Rending Shrapnel
Enchantment of Wind        >>>        Wind Enchantment
AI Chan's Candy        >>>        Ai-chan's Candy
Silver Cleaver        >>>        Silver Reaper
Cleave        >>>        Severing Slash
Execute        >>>        Deathly Scythe
Shadow Strike - Missile        >>>        Shadow Strike Missiles
Meteor Impact|Meteor Crash        >>>        Discs of Fire
Mutated - Bow of Hel        >>>        PSY - Bows of Hel
Demonblade - Florid Sakura        >>>        Florid Sakura
Jack's Lantern        >>>        Jack'o Lantern
Alloy Hurricane Revolver        >>>        Alloy Hurricanes
Hurricane Revolver        >>>        Hurricanes
Alloy Dominator's Pistol        >>>        Alloy Dominators
Dominator's Pistol        >>>        Dominators
Alloy Gluttony Scimitar        >>>        Alloy Gluttony
Gluttony Scimitar        >>>        Gluttony
Alloy Wind Wielder        >>>        Alloy Anemoi
Wind Wielder        >>>        Anemoi
Alloy Lurker's Cannon        >>>        Alloy Lurker
Lurker's Cannon        >>>        Lurker
Alloy Devourer's Laser        >>>        Alloy Devourer
Devourer's Laser        >>>        Devourer
Alloy Godfather's Greatsword        >>>        Alloy Wotan's Cleaver
Godfather's Greatsword        >>>        Wotan's Cleaver
Alloy Betrayer's Greatsword        >>>        Alloy Betrayer
Alloy Betray        >>>        Alloy Treason
The Betrayer's Greatsword        >>>        Betrayer
Betray        >>>        Treason
Defensive Gauntlet        >>>        Armored Bracers
Numerous Tongues        >>>        Butchering Shrike
Yada Gauntlets        >>>        Nuada's Grief
Divine Splendor        >>>        Airgetlám
Flashing Blade        >>>        Dazzling Blade
Green Jade        >>>        Halcyon
Jade        >>>        Kingfisher
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Lost Paradise
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Soul Wave
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Lights on Stage
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Sparkling Star
Alpha Wolves        >>>        Skoll and Hati
Sun Chaser        >>>        Skoll
Moon Shatter        >>>        Hati
Normal Titan Fist        >>>        Titan's Fists
One Punch / Primal Attack        >>>        Vehement Blow
Godfather’s Knuckles        >>>        Wotan's Fists
Super Dimension☆Sonata        >>>        Super☆ Sonata
Elven Song        >>>        Elfenlied
Bamboo Leaves Bowgun        >>>        Dumpling Wrapper
Boss Event        >>>        Herrscher's Will
Anniversary Memoirs        >>>        Anniversary Memories
Revelation / Apocalypse        >>>        Guns of Apocalypse
no translation        >>>        Hooded Archer
Basic Damage Enhancement        >>>        Basic DMG Boost
Holy Order        >>>        Knight Templar
Knight Medic        >>>        Knight Hospitaller
Speed Up        >>>        Speed Boost
Creature Master        >>>        BIO Master
HP Enhancement        >>>        HP Boost
DEF Enhancement        >>>        DEF Boost
no translation        >>>        SP Boost
Psychic Master        >>>        PSY Master
Whip of God        >>>        Scourge of God
Mecha Master        >>>        MECH Master
Basic CRT Enhancement        >>>        Basic CRT Boost
Eight Laws        >>>        Sentyu Hassaku
Combo Attack Enhancement        >>>        Combo ATK Boost
Flesh Lockon        >>>        Breach Lockon
Magical Current        >>>        Eldritch Torrent
King of France        >>>        Fränkischen Herrscher
Sword of the Dane        >>>        Holger Danske
Spurt        >>>        Tireless Charge
Azai Dono|Chacha        >>>        Yodo Dono
Princess of the Warring Nations        >>>        Sengoku Hime
Tea        >>>        Chacha
Trial by Fire        >>>        Baptism by Fire
Sakurazation        >>>        Sublime Sakura
Flame Wreath        >>>        Fiery Blossom
Feed        >>>        Army Rations
Wisdom King        >>>        Vidyaraja
Dragon Boat Festival Food        >>>        Mugwort and Dumplings
Dragon Boat Festival Clothes        >>>        Wrapping Silk
Dragon Boat Festival Tradition        >>>        Realgar Antidote
Bloody Burst        >>>        Raging Outburst
Slam        >>>        Ferocious Slam
Blooddrinker        >>>        Blood Drinker
Fighting Desire        >>>        Battle Lust
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Weapon Trigger
Cycloid        >>>        Pendulum
Intentions        >>>        Enlightened
Real Cleopatra        >>>        Queen of Egypt
Advanced Flesh Lockon        >>>        ADV Breach Lockon
Switch Skill Enhance        >>>        Switch Skill Boost
Charge Enhance        >>>        Charged ATK Boost
Weapon Skill Enhance        >>>        Weapon Skill Boost
Blade Bless        >>>        Blessed Blade
Energy Concentrate        >>>        Energy Focus
Fire Catalyst        >>>        Fires of Catharsis
Frost Spread        >>>        Spreading Cold
Calm        >>>        Cool Reason
Power of Mecha        >>>        MECH Power
Noble of Quiet Water        >>>        Noble Stillness
Vampire        >>>        Life Leech
Advanced Force Field        >>>        ADV Force Field
Relativity of Curly Hair        >>>        Relatively Natural Curls
Light Quantum        >>>        Photon
Hexagrams of Fuxi        >>>        Code of Civilization
Bolt In Water        >>>        Water to Thunder
Fire In Bolt        >>>        Thunder to Fire
Water In Fire        >>>        Metal to Water
The Qian Diagram        >>>        Heavenly Three
The Kun Diagram        >>>        Earthly Six
Erupt        >>>        Fiery Eruption
Enrage        >>>        Furious Rage
Refine        >>>        Smelt and Refine
Create        >>>        Aspect of Creation
Herb Taster        >>>        Gentle Herbalist
Lord of Foison        >>>        Flowers
God of Agriculture        >>>        Herba
Ancestor of Medication        >>>        Grains
Three Sovereigns        >>>        Floral Bounties
Hundreds of Tastes        >>>        Fertile Earth
Sea Filler        >>>        Princess of Fate
Stone Dropper        >>>        Spreading Wings
Soaring Bird        >>>        Soaring Flight
Wei Protector        >>>        Divine Guardian
Firefighter        >>>        Eternal Struggle
The Sea Filler        >>>        Vermilion Wings
Laws of Force        >>>        Laws of Motion
Spectral Jet        >>>        Prismatic Spectrum
Corpuscular Property        >>>        Particle Property
Uncertainty Property        >>>        Uncertainty
The East Wind        >>>        Eastern Winds
Squash        >>>        Stalwart Peak
Eight Tactical Formations        >>>        Eight Formations
Dark Xuanyuan        >>>        Black Kirin
Wing of Darkness        >>>        Wings of Darkness
Blood Fall        >>>        Blood Cascade
Closely        >>>        Shortened Reach
Spirit Bow        >>>        Alberich's Bows
Knight Lineage        >>>        Knightly Lineage
The Eternal One        >>>        Eternal Saint
Warrior of Sanada        >>>        Sanada Maru
Red Cuirass        >>>        Aka-Zonae
Lightning Spear        >>>        Spear of Lightning
Wind Greaves        >>>        Cuirass of Wind
Aravt        >>>        Ten Braves
Judgment of Shamash - Gun        >>>        Guns of Shamash
Judgment of Shamash - Cannon        >>>        Cannon of Shamash
Judgment of Shamash - Sword        >>>        Sword of Shamash
Convertible Spear        >>>        Lance of Duality
Overlap        >>>        Superposition
Arctic Blast        >>>        Frigid Cold
Time Shield        >>>        Time Sanctuary
Meteoritic Impact|Aerolite Impact        >>>        Meteor Impact
Sky Order        >>>        Heavenly Verdict
Turbid        >>>        Planetary Orbits
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Alluring Slash
Corrosion        >>>        Enticing Corruption
Temptation        >>>        Enfeebling Temptation
Blood Step        >>>        Blood Pirouette
Dependent        >>>        Kindred
Root        >>>        Attack Zone
Callous        >>>        Heartless
Suppression / Suppress        >>>        Suppress
Schicksal Bishop        >>>        Schicksal Overseer
Spear of Imprisonment|Spear of Root        >>>        Spear of Imprisonment
Red Paint|Red Dye        >>>        Red Paint
Yellow Paint|Yellow Dye        >>>        Yellow Paint
Blue Paint|Blue Dye        >>>        Blue Paint
Dye Master        >>>        Coloring Master
Shining Blade        >>>        Shimmering Blade
Space Erosion        >>>        Spatial Erosion
Territory        >>>        Pocket Dimension
Grace Path        >>>        Blessed Path
Holy Treatment        >>>        Holy Mending
Spirit Harmony / Spiritual Coherence        >>>        Spiritual Harmony
Explosion Armor        >>>        Explosive Armor
Carve        >>>        Sculpt
Creation        >>>        The Creation
Doomsday Trial        >>>        The Last Judgment
Creature Current        >>>        Bioelectricity
Memory of Heart        >>>        Heartfelt Memories
Melody|Rhythm        >>>        Melody
NO TRANSLATION        >>>        Cadence
Loitering        >>>        Heritage
Aura Reaction        >>>        Cathartic Aura
Doll Command        >>>        Doll Control
Figurine Aura        >>>        Doll Aura
Raining Red Envelopes        >>>        Rain of Wealth
Scatter Evil        >>>        Away with Evil
Flaming Meteor        >>>        Trailing Comet
Overdose        >>>        Powderful
Delineate        >>>        Outline
Shadow        >>>        Shading
Tint        >>>        Coloring
Lotus        >>>        Nymphéas
Sunrise        >>>        Soleil Levant
Sanguine Curse        >>>        Hematic Curse
Love        >>>        Mutual Affection
Rock & Roll Diva        >>>        Rocker Diva
Will of the Herrscher        >>>        Hail the Queen